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Thailand is a wonderful country. People who live on the farthest side of the world are often drawn to her tropical environment and rich culture. Thailand gets most of its money from tourism, making it the far east's tourist hub. Imagine you reside in a different country and wish to vacation in Thailand. Walking in a park, wandering around, and leaving afterwards will be more challenging. Before you take the plane to the "place known for smiles," there are rules to follow and reports to make.

Thailand visa requirements

• Your original passport and any old ones you have

• Proof of employment and proof of monthly income: The last three years' tax returns, pay stubs, a letter from the company proving that you work there, an employee ID, a student ID and a business licence.

• It should also have two blank pages and be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of your return to India.

• A bank employee has signed original bank statements from the previous six months that show a minimum balance of Rs 65,000.

• Two copies of your passport's first and last pages have been signed and stamped.

• A scanned colour copy of your confirmed hotel booking with information about the trip, the visitor, and how to contact the hotel.

• A colour reproduction of your approved round-trip airline tickets.

• Two current passport-sized colour images without any props (photograph specifications: 35 mm x 45 mm with 80% face close-up) shot on a white backdrop.

Visa Validity for Thailand Tourist visa

The validity of each Thailand visa varies based on visa category and length of intended stay. Additionally, it is essential to recognise that visa validity and the permitted length of remain in the country are distinct.

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