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US dependent visa From India

As the world's biggest destination for migrants, the United States provides numerous legal avenues for families to reside together. You are able to bring your spouse, children, parents, and other relatives to the United States by making use of the current visa processes in the United States, regardless of whether you are a student or a working professional. With our extensive experience, Continental Immigration can assist you in selecting the correct visa application procedure and submitting your application with confidence. We are a famous US visa agents in Delhi.

US dependent visa details

Visitors to the United States with valid visas may bring their families with them. Many different types of visas make it possible for individuals like students, professionals, and business owners to bring their families to the United States. When registering for a dependent visa, the most frequent stages are as follows:

  • F2 Visa USA: To study in the United States, F1 visa holders' dependents must apply for an F2 visa. Those who are in possession of an F2 visa are prohibited from working or attending school in the United States.
  • J2 Visa: When a J1 Visa holder is in the US on a business, medical, or research training visa, their dependents are eligible for the J2 visa.
  • H4 visa: The H4 visa is a dependent visa that allows immediate family members of H-1B visa holders to work and attend school in the United States.
  • Other dependent visa processes include dependent visas for sports, scientists, asylum seekers, refugees, witnesses, permanent residents, citizens, and those who live legally in the United States and desire to bring their dependents with them. Athletes and scientists with dependent visas.
Documents Required

It is essential to submit a thorough visa application with as much supporting proof and documents as possible. Your Continental Immigration expert will assist you with every part of the application and ensure that your paperwork is in impeccable shape. Possible document requirements include:

  • Passport and travel history;
  • Background paperwork;
  • Documentation for spouse or partner, including marriage certificate;
  • Extensive connection evidence, including pictures;
  • Additional proof of kinship;
  • Income evidence from the sponsor to demonstrate appropriate money;
  • Payment of application and consular fees;
  • English language skills

The visa for H1B dependents is known as the H4 visa. It is possible to live, work, and attend school in the United States on an H4 dependent visa.

Making an application for an H-4 visa outside of the United States

Suppose you are applying from a country that is not the United States of America. If so, you need to follow the steps specified in this section:

Step 1: Make sure you have your passport and other necessary documents on hand.

Step 2: The next step is to get some photos of the finished product.

Step 3: Fill out the DS-160 form.

Step 4: Make a payment for any fees that may apply.

Step 5: Next, make an appointment at the nearest embassy or consulate to present your case.

Step 6: watch for the results to come in.

The H4 visa's validity period

The sponsor's visa, also known as the significant applicant, is required for the visa to be legitimate.

Typically, the visa is sponsored by a spouse or parent who holds an H1-B visa. The H4 visa is canceled when the sponsor's visa expires.

What are the benefits that Holders of an H4 visa can get?

Be eligible for financial services like banking and an H4 visa loan, get a license to drive; Go to school in the U.S.

To those who possess an H4 visa, certain advantages and benefits are extended.
  • The individual holding the H4 visa has the option of working part-time, full-time, or not at all.
  • The bearer of an H4 visa is permitted to initiate any kind of company.
  • The bearer of an H4 visa may remain eligible for an EAD even if he is not actively seeking employment.

The visa for dependents of students is known as an F2 Visa. With this visa, members of an F1 student's immediate family may travel to the United States temporarily for purposes other than immigration. The husband and any unmarried children under the age of 21 are counted as dependents on the taxpayer's behalf.

Eligibility Terms for the F2 VISA Permit

An F1 visa holder's spouse is essential.

  • Only children of F1 visa holders are eligible for this status (under 21 and unmarried).
  • Applicants must have sufficient funds to sustain their families in the United States.
  • Processing time for a dependent visa

    The usual processing time for a visa is between 15 and 30 business days. It may take significantly longer depending on a number of circumstances, including the amount of work being done at the embassy or consulate, whether or not express delivery is requested, and the kind of dependent visa required for entry to the United States. The timing of the sponsor's visa application is also a significant consideration. If you both apply for visas at the same time, they will be processed at the same time. Interview scheduling can be time-consuming and involve much waiting. Therefore, applying in advance is highly suggested.

    How can I obtain an American dependent visa from India?

    In addition to its use as an employment visa, the H-4 nonimmigrant visa is also accepted as a dependent visa in the United States. The application process for this visa is identical to that of any other form of H visa. In order to make a request for a dependent visa in the United States, you would need to complete the following steps:

    • Submit all necessary visa papers;
    • Complete the electronic Form DS-160;
    • Pay the H-4 Visa costs;
    • Schedule an appointment for the visa interview;
    • Complete the digital Form DS-160. Kindly be ready for the meeting. Acquire an H-4 Visa
    • You will be awarded a visa based on the outcome of your application and interview. You can monitor the status of your application on the website of the U.S. Embassy where you have applied. This is done by inputting your application number. The embassy will notify you after your H-4 visa application has been processed. After receiving a visa, you must go through the visa stamping procedure. This will be the final step before arranging a trip to the United States of America.

      L2 Visa USA

      Your spouse or parent has just been offered a position at one of the company's affiliates in the United States, and they'd like to move to the United States with you. L-1 visas can be applied for as a management or executive (L-1A) or a skilled professional (L-1 visa) (L-1B visa). It's time to stop stressing about whether you'll be able to join them. If you're the L-1 visa holder's spouse or an unmarried kid under the age of 21, you can join them on an L-2 visa as a dependent.

      A visa for dependents, the L-2 visa is just that. This visa is the same as the H-4 visa, which is for the children and spouses of people with H visas. You can study, work, open a bank account, drive, and open a driver's license in the United States with an L-2 dependents visa. You also have access to extra benefits while your visa is active. Your L-2 visa status is directly dependent on the original L-1 visa holder. Your visa validity, choices for extension or renewal, and status modification are contingent on the L-1 individual.
      H4 Visa USA

      The US h4 visa is given to the spouse and children under 21 of an H1B visa holder who want to join the H1B visa holder in the US.

      J2 Visa USA

      Non-immigrant visas for dependents are issued by the United States. A J-2 visa enables a J-1 visa holder to travel with their spouse or unmarried children under the age of 21. This applies only to those travelling with the J-1 visa holder. Those who possess a J-2 visa are reliant on those who hold a J-1 visa. As a result, any changes to the J-1 status will likewise affect the status of the J-2 visa holder.

      Since there are so many sorts of J-1 visas, each has its own unique J-2 visa requirements. J-2 dependents may not be brought into the United States by au pairs, camp counselors, secondary school students, or participants in employment or travel visa programs. Other categories may have dependent J-2 visa holders.

      H4 visa holder can work in USA

      In the House of Senates, two U.S. congressmen have introduced a bill that would provide H-4 visa holders the freedom to labor in the United States without permission. Many Indian women would benefit from this, and it would help alleviate the current labor shortage that is affecting American businesses.

      H-4 visas allow spouses and children of H-1B, H-2A, H-2B, and H-3 visa holders to accompany their spouses and children to the United States. A large percentage of H-4 visa holders had previously worked for themselves or supported their families, making them excellent candidates for temporary work in the United States.

      An H4 visa can work in USA

      The H4 visa is awarded as a dependent non-immigrant visa. The H4 visa is made accessible to H1 visa holders' spouses and children who choose to accompany them. With this visa category, the H4 visa holder can study, reside, and work in the United States.

      How to apply for f1 visa

      The following are the stages that must be completed to apply for an F1 visa:

      • Obtain the necessary paperwork for admission from the SEVP institution.
      • Apply for your visa online using the DS-160 form.
      • Make sure you've paid the application cost.
      • Make the payment for the SEVIS I-901 fee.
      • Make an appointment for your interview for the F1 visa.
      • Please submit the packet along with the required documentation for the F1 visa.
      • Please attend the interview for the student visa.

      Continental Immigration can help you all the way through the F1 visa process.

      How to apply for j1 visa

      You are required to follow the processes outlined below in order to submit an application for a J-1 visa; however, it is important to keep in mind that the sequence in which you follow the steps will alter depending on where you are applying from:

      • Fill out the visa application form completely and accurately.
      • Make an appointment with the embassy/consulate.
      • The application fee must be paid.
      • Prepare the necessary paperwork.
      • Don't forget to show up for your visa interview.
      • Arrive in the US.

      Continental Immigration will be there for you every step of the way to help you with your immigration needs.

      How Continental Immigration May Benefit You

      The US visa application procedure might be intimidating. Continental Immigration will assist you throughout the entire procedure. Continental Immigration consultants are knowledgeable and seasoned in the complexities of US immigration procedures. Your devoted specialist will assist you by:

      • Check that all of your paperwork is in order.
      • Completing the list of needed visa documents
      • Organize your application's components;
      • Complete the required papers on time and with accuracy.
      • Follow-ups and updates
      • Preparation for the interview;
      • Concierge service

      You may reunite with your family and start a new life in the United States with the aid of Continental Immigration.

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