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Mexico Dependent Visa

Some students may bring their spouses and children to Mexico on a dependent visa. This section describes which students are permitted to bring dependents, who are authorized to accompany them, and how to seek a dependent permit.

Eligibility for a dependent visa for Mexico from India

Provided the requirements listed below are satisfied. Depending on the circumstances, your partner and any children they may have may be able to submit an application for a dependent visa:

  • Your postgraduate program lasts for at least nine months and requires full-time participation.
  • You are a student who is receiving funding from the government to participate in a program that is either six months or longer and requires full-time attendance. This indicates that you are receiving financial support for your education from the government of the United Kingdom or another country.
  • This does not include courses leading to an advanced diploma.
  • Suppose the requirements mentioned above do not apply to you. If this is the case, the members of your family who wish to accompany you to the United Kingdom may be able to do so if you have previously attended school in the United Kingdom and satisfy the following specialized requirements:
  • your new course is longer than six months and your Tier 4/student immigration authorization must be active or have expired no more than three months before you apply for a visa
  • Your family members already have authorization to immigrate to the United States as dependents.
  • Your members of the family appeal for a dependent visa at the same time that you apply for a new student visa.

    Mexico spouse visa Requirements

    The following documents must be submitted when applying for a Mexico dependent visa:

    • Finished and with a signature form for Applying for a Visa to Mexico
    • Your passport, in addition to a photocopy of any pages that may be pertinent depending on the situation.
    • During the last six months, a current passport-sized image with a white backdrop was taken.
    • A reservation for a flight that has been made and confirmed (not essentially purchased)
    • Documentation attesting to the familial connection, such as
    • Certificate of marriage or other evidence of common-law partnership for spouses or partners.
    • Certificates of birth, whether for children, parents, or siblings, that attest to the familial connections
    • If a member of your family already possesses a Resident Card: The original and a copy of the Resident Card that they have.
    • If a family member is attending a school outside the country, a letter from their school that verifies their enrolment has been sent to them.
    • A demonstration that you are solvent in your financial situation, such as bank statements from the previous year, paystubs, or savings.
    • Mexico Family Visa fee payment
    • Any further documentation that the Embassy requests from Mexico.
    Mexico visa processing time for families

    The processing time for any sort of Mexico visa varies by the embassy. Expect to wait anywhere between one week and one month. As a part of this, you need to submit an application for a visa at least a month before the day that you want to depart.

    How to apply for a family reunion visa to Mexico?

    To get a Mexico Family reunion Visa, a family member must first go to the National Immigration Institute (Instituto Nacional de Migracion, or INM) in Mexico and ask for permission for family reunification.

    Then, you must apply for a visa at the Mexico embassy closest to you. But since the visa is only a requirement for entry, you also need to get a residency card from the National Immigration Institute in Mexico (Instituto Nacional de Migracion, or INM) when you arrive if you want to stay longer than 180 days.

    Temporary Residence in Mexico for Family Reunion Visa Holders

    A Mexico Family Reunion Visa usually takes five to twenty business days to process. Visas are issued based on the nation from which you apply.

    Visa fees for Mexican family reunions

    There is a $15-$35 charge for a Mexican visa for a family reunion in Mexico. Depending on your country of residence or submission, you may be charged a different fee.

    Mexico Family Reunion Visa: Where to Apply?

    You can apply for a Mexico Family Reunion Visa at any country's visa application centres, embassies, or consulates.

    How much does a Mexican Dependent Family Visa cost?

    The cost of a Mexico visa, which must be paid for at the Mexico embassy, is around US$36, but this varies by embassy and method of payment.

    In addition, you must pay a charge while applying for a Resident Card from Mexico at the INMA Resident Card costs approximately around 3,000 and 7,000 Mexican Pesos, based on the number of years it is valid.


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