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Australia dependent visa

Australia permits overseas students and professionals to bring their families to the country via the Dependent Visa program. Continental Immigration can assist you in creating a perfect application package that will expedite the arrival of your loved ones in Australia.

Australia dependent visa for spouse

With a dependent family visa, you may bring your dependant family members to Australia. Your family is qualified to apply for a dependent visa Permit. You have a kid or spouse living overseas who wants to join you or travel to Australia temporarily to work or study.

Australian Child Visa Permit

A child of an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or a certain New Zealand citizen is allowed to immigrate to Australia with their parents. In order to participate, minors must be under the age of 25. The Child Visa allows these youngsters to become permanent residents of Australia (Subclass 101).

The sponsoring parent must affirm that they will be accountable for the child. For at least the first two years of the child's residence in Australia, he must offer financial support, including housing.

Additionally, stepchildren and adoptive children qualify for a Child Visa (Subclass 101).

Student dependent visa Australia

Visas for dependents are available for spouses, unmarried children under 18, and unmarried partners. You may bring your dependent family members to Australia if you are coming to study there. If they wish to join you in Australia after you have already begun your degree, you can either include them on your first visa application or ask for them to join in Australia after you have already begun.

Let's say you put family members who depend on you on your original application for a student visa.If this is the case, you will need to submit a single Form 157A for your whole family in order to be considered for a student visa.

Work Visa for Dependents
  • If you enter Australia on a working visa, your dependents may join you on dependant visas.
  • Dependent family visas are only available to you and your unmarried children under the age of 18 if you are visiting Australia on a temporary work visa.
  • You are permitted to bring any dependent family members into Australia if you are entering the country on a migrant worker or business visa. These dependent family members include the following:
  • A spouse or partner; children younger than 25 years old; elderly dependent relatives such as parents or grandparents; any children younger than 25 years old.
Procedure for acquiring an Australia student visa with a spouse

Australia's Dependent Visa Type: Partner Provisional Visa (SUBCLASS 309 VISA)

With this visa, an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or qualified New Zealander can temporarily stay in Australia as a de facto partner or spouse. The acceptance of this visa marks the beginning of a lengthy process that will ultimately result in the acquisition of a permanent partner visa (subclass 100).

During the time that the visa application is being processed, the applicant must be maintaining a genuine connection with either their spouse or their partner in Australia.

The following features apply to the Subclass 309 visa:

  • It is just a provisional (temporary) visa.
  • Once this visa is obtained, a permanent partner visa will be issued.
  • The candidate must be in a foreign country at the time of application.
Advantages of having a Subclass 309 visa (Partner Provisional Visa):

The bearer of a Subclass 309 visa is permitted to:

  • Work in Australia; Study in Australia;
  • Travel to and from Australia as often as necessary; and
  • Attend endless hours of English classes till attaining vocational English, despite the former limit of 510 hours.
  • Included in the Medicare program, which is Australia's national health insurance scheme.
  • The applicant may add their dependent children and other family members to their request.
  • They will be issued visas if the standards relevant to their health and character are satisfied.
  • Period of stay:

    The stay is only considered to be temporary until either a decision is reached about the application for a permanent Partner (Migrant) Visa (subclass 100) or the application is withdrawn.The typical duration of stay ranges from 15 to 24 months.


    It is required that the applicant and their spouse or de facto partner be in a real relationship in order for them to be eligible for this visa.

    You need to submit your application for this temporary visa from outside of Australia.

    This visa is restricted to people who already possess a Subclass 309 visa. This visa permits permanent residence in the country, following which the holder may seek citizenship. A genuine and long-term relationship with an Australian partner must be maintained in order to qualify for this kind of visa.

    Predicting the time it will take to process a Partner visa 309 or a Visa 100 is difficult because to the many variables involved. The Australia dependent visa processing time is affected by the following factors:

    • Completing the application with the necessary information.
    • Checking the information, you gave

    Typically, the processing period ranges from 17 to 24 months.

    Visa Permit for Post-Study Work Dependents:

    A Post Study Work visa holder must produce proof of work and adequate cash, as well as additional documentation such as proof of relationship and a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).

    Visa Permit for Work Visa Dependents:

    Australia has many child visa categories to let foreigners bring their biological kids, adopted children, or stepchildren to the country. The parent must be a government citizen or possess a PR visa.

    If either of the kid's parents is a citizen of Australia or a permanent resident of the country, then the child is eligible for automatic citizenship in that country.

    Benefits of obtaining an Australia Child Visa
    • The kid is permitted to stay in Australia for an indeterminate amount of time.
    • The child may attend school in Australia until the completion of his education.
    • The youngster is eligible to become a citizen of Australia.
      The following are the actions that need to be taken in order to submit an application for a regional (provisional) visa Permit:

      Step1: An expression of interest (EOI) through Skill Select is required before you can apply for this visa.

      Step 2: Before submitting your application, you must collect the necessary documentation to substantiate the allegations made in your EOI.

      Step 3: Submit an online visa application after receiving an invitation. Your application must be submitted within sixty days of getting the invitation.

      Step 4: In Step 4, the authorities will tell you that they have received your visa application.

      Stage 5: The outcome of your visa application will be communicated to you at the fifth phase of the process. During this time, you will not be eligible for immigration clearance regardless of whether you are inside or outside of Australia.

      Time required to process applications for visas:

      These visa applications are reviewed on an individual basis, and processing times may vary if the following requirements are met:

      • Submitted a comprehensive application with all supplemental materials
      • How quickly do you respond to requests for more information.
      • Authorities require time to check the extra information you provide.
      • The rules require time to receive further information.
      • Empty spots in the migration program
      How long does it take to obtain an Australian Spouse Visa?

      Depending on the category, the application for an Australia Spouse Visa might take between 15 and 28 months. The applicant or their spouse must be a qualified New Zealand citizen or an Australian PR/citizen. An initial provisional visa will be issued.

      Can my spouse accompany me to Australia on a Student Visa?

      In the event that you are married and applying for a student visa to Australia, you may bring your spouse. You must satisfy the Visa requirements as the primary applicant. If the main applicant passes the visa criteria, the spouse will be awarded a visa as well.

      What are the costs associated with acquiring an Australian visa Permit for your spouse?

      The Australia dependent visa fee is currently $7,850, regardless of whether you apply from within Australia or from outside. It begins with the application for the temporary Visa and continues on until the application for the permanent visa.

      Australia dependent visa checklist
      • The applicant's kid has to either be a citizen of Australia, a permanent resident of Australia, or a citizen of New Zealand who is in good standing in order to qualify.
      • Before applying for a visa, the applicant must have a kid who has been lawfully residing in Australia for at least two years.
      • The candidate must be in excellent health and of good character.
      • A sponsor is required for the candidate. The candidate has to demonstrate that they can achieve a satisfactory score on the Balance of Family Test.
      • Consult a visa consultant at Continental Immigration to discover more about your Dependent Visa alternatives. We are the best Australia visa agents in Delhi.

      Continental Immigration's excellent customer service makes sure that you get the help and information you need at every stage of your application. From the first meeting until you get the visa decision, we are with you every step of the way and keep you updated on the status of your application.

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