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Saskatchewan Immigration Program

Those desiring to settle permanently in Saskatchewan can apply for the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP).

Under Saskatchewan PNP, there are four types of immigration:

International Skilled Worker Category: Skilled foreign workers can apply for the Saskatchewan PNP through this category. If you satisfy the minimal specifications for this category, you may be selected for the provincial nomination. For example, you must have worked in a job in demand in Saskatchewan.

Experience in Saskatchewan: This category can be used by temporary foreign employees who are already employed in the province to request provincial nominations.

Entrepreneur and Farm Category: People who want to move to Saskatchewan and start a business or farm should fill out this form. Different rules and procedures for immigration applications for each of these groups.

Points: Assume you wish to apply for Saskatchewan PNP under the International skilled worker and Entrepreneur category of SINP. In that case, you must get at least 60 out of 110 points in the SINP International Skilled Worker (ISW) subcategory.

What is the least a skilled worker needs to do to get SINP?

Here are the bare minimums for the Express Entry category of SINP:

  • You must get at least 60 out of 110 points on the Saskatchewan SINP score calculator.
  • Must have a valid profile and validation code for the Express Entry program.
  • Must take IELTS to show they can speak English.
  • Applicants must have passed at least 1 year of post-secondary education or work with an ECA.
  • Must have at least the appropriate amount of work experience in a position that requires a NOC skill level of 0 (beginner), 0 (intermediate), or 1 (advanced), and employment must be in demand in the province.
  • Must have enough settlement money and a plan for how to use it.
  • What factors does the SINP point calculator consider most heavily?

    The SINP point assessment grid assigns points based on the following criteria:

    • Accomplishment or Success at work (Maximum 80 points)
    • Age
    • Language Ability
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Skilled Work Experience
    • Connection to the Saskatchewan job market and the ability to change (Maximum 30 points)

    What are the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) EOI Points?

    International Skilled Worker Expression of Interest (EOI) is a point grid system that awards up to 100 points depending on the reasons of selection. To be eligible to apply under the Express Entry or Occupation in-demand categories, a potential immigrant must get at least 60 points.

    From a possible 100 points, candidates get 70 points based on the following factors:

    • Skilled Work Experience
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Knowledge of a language
    • Age
    • The candidate gets the last 30 points based on the "Connection to Saskatchewan" factor. To receive points for "Connection to Saskatchewan," the candidate must have a close family member residing in the province, have previously been a student, or worked in Saskatchewan.

      What is the application process for the SINP 2022 program?

      SINP is a simple way to get a PR visa for Canada. It only takes two steps:

      Step 1: Fill out an application for SINP through the OASIS portal. SINP will look at your application, and if it is approved, you will get a provincial nomination certificate.

      Step 2: Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada will accept your application for a permanent resident visa provided you include a copy of your province nomination certificate (IRCC). IRCC will look at your application. This can take between 6 and 8 months. Accepting your application, you will be given a Canada PR Visa.

      The candidate gets the last 30 points based on the "Connection to Saskatchewan" factor. To receive points for "Connection to Saskatchewan," the candidate must have a close family member residing in the province, have previously been a student, or worked in Saskatchewan.

      Can 63 points qualify me for the Saskatchewan Immigration PNP?

      The Saskatchewan PNP Points Calculator Grid has 100 points. A candidate must get at least 60 points to qualify for the program. Please keep in mind that candidates must include a proof with their SINP application that they have earned 60 points.

      SINP: Subcategory of Express Entry

      This subcategory is for people who have already signed up for the federal Express Entry system and have a profile.

      Since it is aligned with Express Entry, the SINP points calculator 2022 is the same as when an applicant meets the requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category of Express Entry and gets 67 out of 100 points based on the six Express Entry selection factors.

      What are the advantages or benefits of relocating to Saskatchewan?
      • Minimum IELT score needed to get into a country.
      • An employment offer letter from Saskatchewan is not required.
      • The process is faster than with other immigration programs.
      • How long would it take to get your application processed for a Saskatchewan PNP?

        A SINP application takes 4 to 5 months to process. Before applying for Saskatchewan PNP, make sure your documentation is correct and full. If it isn't, it could slow down the application process.

        Here is a list of useful abilities that are in high demand in Saskatchewan,sinp noc.

        Step 1: Get the documents you need and submit them online along with the federal and provincial forms you've filled out.

        Step 2: EOI (Expression of Interest): The application process for the SINP is a little bit different from that of other PNPs. This indicates that in order to submit your application to migrate to Saskatchewan, you will need to visit the SINP Apply Online website. The candidate is required to create a profile and submit an online application, just like they would be required to do with the federal Express Entry program. Along with their online application, they must also send PDFs of their essential documents to the SINP authorities.

        Step 3: Pay the government fees. Saskatchewan Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand subcategories require applicants to save their profile and pay processing fees after getting an ITA.

        Step 4: Get a medical exam. The candidate must get a medical exam done according to the IRCC's rules for medical exams. They could also ask for more proof. If a candidate is unhappy with the documentation process or finds something strange in your documents, they may have to go to an interview.

        Step 5: Get your SINP visa. If you meet the SINP requirements, IRCC will give you and your family members permanent residence visas for the province.

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What is your highest level of completed education?

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In order to claim points for language, candidates must demonstrate their proficiency in English OR French by way of a language test recognized by the Government of Saskatchewan.

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Skilled Worker Experience is defined by the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) and means: Managerial jobs (NOC skill type 0), Professional jobs (NOC skill type A), Technical jobs and Skilled trades (NOC skill type B).

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Do you or your accompanying spouse/common-law partner have a family relative that is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Saskatchewan. This includes: parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin and step-family members or in-laws of the same relationships.

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