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Continental Immigration doesn't provide any assurance, pledge or advice on work support or employment assurance, after a permit approval, and after landing for the overseas nation. No reimbursement process can be claimed of advisory charges provided by Continental Immigration by the client on the basis of the opportunities that Continental Immigration has failed to provide a job guarantee overseas.

The applicant has to sit for the IELTS Exam and accomplish a lowest individual in aggregate group provided in the four options – read, write, speak and listen – as suitable for the client decide previously with Continental Immigration. The client realises and corresponds that the pledge cannot be passed­ subtracting the required IELTS sum­ and no compensation of the consulting fee provided to Continental Immigration will be outstanding, when a person fails to attain the necessary IELTS marks.

It is important to show the funds for the applications as required by the company, when the company fails to show the funds, then the company is under no obligation for refund.

The client must provide every detail, form and paper that will make it easier for the immigration consultancy to pledge for skills assessment with the suitable appraisal community. If the client fails to do this, then no compensation or refund of the consulting fee will be provided by Continental Immigration

We work as a Private Limited Company and we hold no authority to grant the people a visa of any type. We can only render help and advice to people who wish to travel to their chosen destination. Please consider the deciding decision for all visa application lies with the government section of the respective nation.

The applicant has noticed all the provisions mentioned above in a detailed manner and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions on agreeing and signing this agreement.

In case, the visa has been rejected in the following cases, no refund or compensation will be made:
  • If the client doesn't shows up for his visa interview
  • If the client doesn't obey the Embassy or Consulting board requirements
  • Lack of medical by the applicant or his family members provided in the form
  • No­availability of original Police Clearance Certificate, just 3months old.
Submission of fake or bogus documents
  • Violation of any visa law or immigration law, previously done by the applicant or his family member.
  • Late compliance of an essential document required by the Embassy or consulate in a later period.
  • The applicant fails to get the minimum score in IELTS as required by the Company Consultant
  • In case, the applicant withdraws the visa process in between, we shall not be liable to offer any compensation or refund.
  • If the cap closes and your application gets on hold, we are not liable
  • There is no compensation if the client fails to pass the qualification credential

The application fee made to the visa company is completely the liability of the applicant and will not be a part of Continental Immigration.

If refunding, the service tax is non­refundable

The applicant agrees that the Australian immigration procedure is solely the decision of the authorities concerned and Company has no control on the decision made the client claiming for refund, is eligible for refund will receive the refund in 90 days, once the refund form is filled Applicant also agrees that no compensation or refund of Continental Immigration will be made in favour of friends or relative, if the client abandons her application or drops out, when the application is in process.

If, in case, you have signed up for Continental Immigration facility under the EMI mode, or you have made a partly deposit and the immigration law changes after you have signed up, during the preceding of your application, but because of the change, now you are not allowed to go for the facilities you have signed up for. In such case, the company shall not be liable to pay any refund paid in the first part payment or instalment.

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