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Turkey dependent visa for Indian

A Turkey dependent visa is a document that enables a person to remain in Turkey for the purposes of settling down, working, or attending school. This can be done if the Turkish government gives the go-ahead. This permission lasts six months.

You can live in Turkey, study there, get married there, change your foreign driver's license to a Turkish one, obtain a tax number, open a bank account there, buy property there, and make investments there, among many other things, if you have a residency permit.

For those who intend to make Turkey their permanent home for employment, only a work permit, which doubles as a residency permit, is required.

Documents must be submitted for a turkey spouse visa application

  • Individuals who are married to a Turkish national and who have completed and submitted the Application for Residence Permit.
  • Passport or other required paperwork in its original form or a copy.
  • Four (4) photographs
  • The document proving their marriage
  • A copy of the sponsor's identification card as well as the original
  • The evidence of the sponsor's sufficient and consistent income where they will reside.
  • All candidates must have medical insurance coverage that covers all members of the family and is valid for the duration of their stay in Turkey.
  • Following bilateral social security accords, a document proving foreigners' eligibility for medical treatment in Turkey.
  • Social Security Administration's provisional record.
  • Social Security Administration document indicating an application for universal health care coverage.
  • Criminal record (could be obtained from the country's law enforcement agencies or the Turkish legal system if the person has been in our country for the past five years.)
  • Evidence that non-citizens are registered with the Address Registration System
Who Needs to Obtain a Residence Visa Permit in Turkey and Why?

Upon arrival, anyone moving to the nation must obtain a Turkey Residence Permit to stay longer than three months. Without a valid residence permit, your stay in Turkey is illegal.

If you fulfil any one of the qualifications listed below, you are excluded from the application of this criterion:

  • You have a "registration certificate" for an international protection application.
  • You are excused from obtaining a residence permit based on reciprocal or multilateral agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is also a signatory.
  • You are a consular or diplomatic officer with an office in Turkey.
  • You are employed by the Turkish branches of many multinational firms.
  • Your identity card will have either "international protection applicant," "international protection status," or "statelessness" written on it.
  • You possess a valid permit to work.

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