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Are you eligible for a work visa as a permanent resident or worker in Canada who wants to bring your family here? Allowing adults over 18 to sponsor their wives and children as well as parents and grandparents in Canada is a way of promoting family reunification. Continental Immigration can help you reunite with your family through our Canada-dependent visa services. Dependents may be brought to Canada and given authorization for full-time employment or educational pursuits with a dependent visa.

The dependent visa Canada will enable you to sponsor the following family members for dependent visas:

  • Your matrimonial partner;
  • Your dependent children under the age of 21;
  • Your dependent parents;
  • When a Canadian or a permanent resident adopts a kid from outside of Canada, they retain their Canadian citizenship or PR.
  • Your sibling, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, or other close relatives

Your sponsored family can move to Canada and live with you. Applicants for a Work Permit in Canada may additionally include their spouse or conjugal partner.

Eligibility requirements for spouse visa for Canada from India

  • Participants must be at least eighteen years old and Canadian citizens or permanent residents in order to participate.
  • Except in cases of infirmity, you should not accept government assistance.
  • You must reach the minimum required income level.
  • You and your spouse must be married legally.
  • Genuine relationships with your dependents are required.

Paperwork needed for a Canadian Dependent Visa includes:

  • A valid passport and a record of previous travel; a resume; and other supporting documentation.
  • Documentation for a spouse or partner, such as a marriage certificate
  • In addition to the costs of the consulate and an application form,
The following are the requirements to sponsor a spouse (either a husband or a wife):
  • Sponsoring a spouse (husband or wife) is only available to those who are 18 years of age or older and who have either become a citizen of Canada or wish to become a permanent resident of Canada.
  • Providing for your spouse or partner's basic financial requirements over the next three years is a must.
  • If your spouse is not included in the family class, you will not be able to sponsor them as an immigrant. To support your spouse, you must be an Indian citizen, permanent resident, or hold a work visa.
  • Your marriage must be real and not just for the purpose of getting permanent residency. The age of your partnership must be at least one year.
  • Bringing children to Canada as dependents necessitates a child visa.

    Sponsors can bring their children to Canada with the help of a dependent visa in the following circumstances:

    • Adoption of a child in Canada
    • An orphan relative of the sponsor, such as a brother, sister, cousin, niece, grandchild, or great-grandchild, provided the circumstances warrant it.
    • Children whose parents are Canadian citizens or permanent residents may be adopted by their sponsors.
    • For a kid to be granted a visa, the following must be met:
      • The child must be under the age of 22 and either single or in a common-law or married relationship with someone else.
      • The sponsor's biological or adoptive kid must be the dependent child.
      • There must be some sort of financial dependency between him and the sponsor or parent.
      • There is no age restriction as long as the child is unable to sustain himself due to a physical or mental ailment.
      • The sponsor must provide evidence of his familial relationship with the children.
      • Sponsored youngsters are required to pass a medical examination and provide evidence that they have no pending criminal convictions.
      • A government-approved physician in Canada must perform a medical examination.

      Conditions for eligibility for dependent visa for Canada work permit:

      Suppose a person wishes to support a Dependent Visa for Canada. So, he'll have to present financial records from the last year to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). An assessment of a sponsor's ability to support his family, including his children, will help authorities determine whether or not they have sufficient finances.

      Visa processing period for Canada spouse visa

      Find below the processing times for applications for spouse and dependent visas:

      • A spouse visa is expected to take close to a year to secure.
      • Dependent child sponsorship applications typically take nine months to process.

      This processing time takes into account the following elements:

      • The time required to provide biometrics
      • The evaluation of the sponsor: twenty-five days

      Canada's immigration agency processed the bulk of completed applications in the preceding 12 months in this time frame. In the event that the application is incomplete, the IRCC may delay or even reject it.

      IELTS Requirement for Canadian Spouse visa

      There is no requirement to submit an IELTS score while applying for a Spouse visa in Canada. Suppose, however, that the principal applicant wishes to include their spouse in the Canada PR application. In such a circumstance, they can earn important immigration points for the English competence of the spouse (as demonstrated by the IELTS Test result).

      Will I receive written confirmation that IRCC received my application?

      Consider for a moment that the immigration office has started the review of your application. In this scenario, you will be notified through letter or email that your submission has been received, along with an application number. There is no acknowledgment sent before the immigration office opens the application and verifies its completeness. The application will be given back if:

      • It's incomplete or insufficient
      • Fees are missing or
      • It arrives after a program has been suspended, closed, or a limit has been reached.
      What can I do to prevent having my Canada dependent visa for spouse application delayed or returned?

      To avoid rejection or delays, one must ensure the following:

      • Fill out the application completely and add your signature (s)
      • Include all items on the Document Checklist
      • Pay your application fees and submit your receipt, and
      • Pay the CAD 490 right of permanent residence costs upfront or as soon as you receive a notice requesting payment.
      These are some Important Tips for dependent visa Canada for spouse:

      You can send in an application for a Canada visa three months before the date you plan to leave.

      • A Temporary Resident Visa is the same thing as a "visitor's visa" or "entry visa" for Canada (TRV). You must have this in your passport if you want to go to or come back from Canada.
      • A TRV is comparable to a legitimate authorization to visit Canada for vacation, business, or transit purposes.
      • You must first apply for the relevant visa type with a legitimate reason for travel. In other circumstances, such as study or employment, you will require either a work permit or a Canada student visa.
      • A Canada TRV Visa permits a single entry, multiple entries, or transit travel. Single-Entry Visas only enable you to enter Canada one time during your approved stay in Canada. A Many Entry Visa allows you to enter Canada multiple times throughout the validity period. Frequently, many countries require a 'Transit Visa' for airport layovers en route to another destination.
      • The official of Canada Immigration at the Canada Airport will stamp your passport with the length of time you are permitted to remain in Canada. In general, the Embassy offers Canada visas to Indians with a validity of up to ten years or one month before the expiration date of the applicant's passport If you are a citizen of that nation and possess a valid visa, the maximum amount of time you may spend in Canada is six months.
      • After entering Canada, you could choose to extend your visa. This is conceivable under certain circumstances. However, the ultimate decision is entirely at the Embassy's discretion You have until three weeks before the expiration of your visa to submit a request to have your time in Canada extended.
      • The most frequently requested documents for a Canadian visa for Indians are a passport, pictures, cover letter, letter of employment, bank statements, income tax returns, and other financial documents. You must also provide a cover letter from your Indian employer and an invitation letter from your Canadian host employer for business visas.
      • The Canada VFS Global services must receive all visa applications (VAC). The VAC is an India-registered commercial service organization. The Canadian Embassy authorizes VFS to verify and process Canada Visa applications. Please note that the VAC is an outsourced partner with no control over visa decisions.
      • Personal representation at the Visa Application Center (VAC) is required to submit biometrics (including fingerprints and a digital image) and the visa file. Each family member needs a separate appointment.
      How Continental Immigration May Benefit You In Canada Student Visa With Spouse

      Moving your family to Canada is a tricky process. Continental Immigration has the knowledge to assist you with your application. Continental Immigration has extensive experience in the Canadian immigration procedure and can help you with your Canada dependent visa for students. Our teams can help you with:

      • Help with the application procedures
      • Forms, documents, and application filing
      • Updates and follow-up
      • Support with relocating to Canada and settling in after arrival
      • Completion of the papers required for the visa checklist

      Do you intend to apply for a Dependent or Spouse Visa to enter Canada in the upcoming calendar year? For comprehensive assistance, get in touch with Continental Immigration.

      Continental Immigration is India's most reputable and established visa and immigration consulting firm. We have market leader Canada visa agents in Delhi. You can contact the certified and highly experienced Canadian migration professionals at Continental Immigration by giving them a call if you require assistance or support to submit an application for a Canadian Spouse visa. You can fill out the free assessment form to determine whether or not you are eligible for the Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Program and begin the process under the direction of an experienced professional.

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