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Dependent visa Germany from India

The German government allows non-EU (European Union) immigrants who are employed in the nation to temporarily or permanently bring their family members to Germany. The German government strongly supports the idea of families living together again and makes it possible for foreign workers to bring their families to live in Germany on a temporary or permanent basis. For this purpose, they have a visa called the German Family Reunion Visa.

Eligibility Requirements for the German Family Reunion or Dependent Visa

The following conditions must be met for Germany dependent visa for spouse:

  • To be financially secure enough to sustain themselves and their families, and economically stable enough to purchase a home for their family.
  • All family members must have a basic grasp of German.
  • Participants must be under the age of 18 years old to take part.
  • Have a valid European (EU) Blue Card (also known as Die Blaue Karte EU in German) or another legal status as a temporary or permanent resident.
  • Coverage provided by the health insurance coverage is sufficient for themselves and their family.
Exceptions of a German Family Reunion or Dependent Visa:

Your Germany spouse visa will approve if the following requirements are met:

  • You possess a European (EU) Blue Card (also known as Die Blaue Karte EU in German).
  • You are a qualified and experienced German researcher or specialist.
  • Your companion holds a college degree.

Germany Dependent Visa Requirements

  • Proof of accommodation — establishing that the German citizen's house has sufficient space for the application.
  • Verification that the applicant can communicate in German at the A1 level or higher.
Requirements for sponsoring a husband or wife/registered partner
  • A foreign official's birth or marriage certificate certification is translated and approved by the German embassy.
  • Submission of the spouse's passport and ID card is required if he or she is of German nationality.
  • In addition to their passport, a non-German spouse residing in Germany must provide proof of legal residency.

The following are requirements in order to sponsor a children:

  • A birth certificate with proof of the child's nationality
  • Proof that the child's parent has the legal right to care for and custody of the child; and proof that the parent resides in Germany.
  • Planning to bring the dependent child to GERMANY: Depending on their age, the conditions for bringing children to Germany may vary.
  • Juvenile (Minor) Children: For their kid to be brought to Germany, both parents must reside in Germany. On the other hand, a single parent who has exclusive custody and responsibility for their young kid is permitted to bring the child to Germany.
  • Grown-up (ADULT) CHILDREN Dependent Visa Permit: The child must be unmarried to be eligible for a German Family Reunion or Dependent Visa. A German tourist or visiting visa is one option, as is a study permit if they plan on attending school in Germany, or an employment visa if they plan on working there.
Working on a German Dependent Family Visa:

A work authorization will be granted to any adult who has a family reunion visa for Germany in accordance with the laws of that country. Having said that, there are a few prerequisites that the joining relative needs to fulfill, and they are as follows:

  • Must have a residency permit that lets them work.
  • You must have a Blue Card from the EU.
  • You either need to be a person with a high level of expertise or a researcher.

How To Apply In Dependent Visa For Parents In Germany

  • The application process for a German visa to join family members in Germany is identical to that of any other German passport. Whether you are the one hoping to join a family member in Germany, check with the German embassy in your home country to see if they have a list of the required documents for the German family reunion visa on their website. If not, the checklist must be submitted through email. Once you have all of the required documentation in your hands, you may go on to gather the other paperwork that is necessary.
  • Gather all of the documents on the list of requirements with care. The required language is either English or German. If the original documents are in your native tongue, you will be required to produce a translation by a qualified translator.
  • Schedule an appointment at the German consulate or embassy if you have all the relevant papers (or the application center which is closer to your home or location)
  • On the interview day, be punctual and bring all the necessary documents to the German embassy or consulate. After paying the processing fee, you'll meet with an embassy official to talk about your plans to visit Germany, your past, and the real purpose of your visit.
  • Germany dependent visa checklist
    • Germany would be the ideal place to raise a happy family. Under certain conditions, the spouse may study in Germany. Again, the spouse and other dependents may choose to apply for a work visa in the future.
    • In Germany, parents would get Parent Benefits fit or Elterngeld - Parental Allowance upon childbirth. The German government gives this assistance for the first fourteen months.
    • The dependents are eligible for medical, educational, and social security benefits. These benefits are contingent on the sponsor's Residence Permit.
    • A higher level of living will allow your family to live a more satisfying existence. The weather in Germany is agreeable. You can also appreciate your stay because the location is so lovely.
    • Better growth possibilities and compensation are to be anticipated. Professionals in a range of fields have increased earning potential. The dependents would be delighted to accompany you to the country.
    • The dependents may apply for a Residence Permit after a certain period of time. Thus, professionals and entrepreneurs and their dependents might choose to live in Germany permanently.
    Turnaround Time for the Dependent VISA Permit:

    The processing time for family reunion visas can range between several weeks and many months. When the German embassy gets the application, it will set up an interview with the person who sent it.

    Do I require a visa to visit Germany for family reunion purposes?

    If you live in the European Economic Area, the European Union, or Switzerland, you don't need a family reunion visa to visit a family member or relative in Germany. People from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area, as well as people from the third world, will need a visa to visit Germany to visit family.

    My birthplace is India. Is a visa required to visit my partner (spouse) in Germany?

    Yes. To enter Germany to join a relative, partner, or spouse, you will need a German visa for family reunification. Your future residence permit will be issued by the German Alien's Authority (Ausländerbehörde). The permission will be good as long as a family member, spouse, or partner of the applicant lives in Germany.

    How much does a visa for a family reunion in Germany cost?

    You must pay a visa fee at the time of your interview if you want to be considered for a visa. Children under the age of 18 often pay 37,500 Euros for long-term family reunion visas (category D).

    You must pay the cost again if you wish to reapply for a German visa for family reunification. After spending the application fee, you will not be eligible for a refund if you decide to withdraw your application. Your visa application will also not be paid if it is declined.

    Can I work in Germany with my visa for a family reunion?
    • Family reunion visas allow you to work in Germany if your relative is a researcher or highly competent professional.
    • Possesses an EU Blue Card.
    • Possesses a residency permit enabling employment.
    • According to German law, all adults residing in Germany on a Family Reunion visa are permitted to work if they meet the requirements mentioned earlier.

    Who is required to apply for a blue card dependent visa Germany?

    To be able to visit their partner, spouse, or relative in Germany, citizens of countries that are not part of the European Economic Area or the European Union are required to have a family reunion visa.

    Who is eligible to work legally in Germany if they have a visa to visit family?

    You will be allowed to work in Germany on your family reunion visa if your relative satisfies one of the following criteria:

    • Employed as a researcher or highly skilled professional in Germany.
    • Holds a Blue Card issued by the European Union.
    • Owns a legal work permit that lets them work.
    • Any adult in Germany on a Dependent Family Reunion visa Permit who satisfies the above-mentioned qualifications is entitled to work under German law.
    Standards governing work permits for dependents

    If a dependent can find work in Germany, they are permitted to do so. Nonetheless, the dependent must obtain a separate work permit from the relevant authority. The Immigration Office issues a work permit based on your employment contract.

    The dependent must go through the employer's selection process. They must possess the necessary qualifications, professional experience, and technological expertise. Depending on the job offer, the dependent may later apply for a Work Permit. Thus, the dependents of sponsors having a German Resident Permit are permitted to begin working.

    After obtaining employment, a dependent partner may also apply for a work visa. The dependent partner must meet the legal age and language proficiency criteria.

    After obtaining employment, a dependent partner may also apply for a work visa. The dependent partner must meet the legal age and language proficiency criteria.

    How Continental Immigration May Benefit You In Dependent Visa For Germany From India
    • Inform you about the papers required for the visa;
    • Inform you on how to demonstrate the necessary funds for the visa.
    • Assist you with the application procedure;
    • Go over your visa application documentation.

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