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Thailand visa for Indian & Other Countries

Thailand is a well-known tourism destination in Asia and throughout the world. Either opt to unwind on one of its beaches or go on an exciting adventure in the forest while riding an elephant. Everyone in India has the hankering to travel to exciting Thailand, from single people to entire families. If your heart desires to have a perfect vacation, then Thailand is the place for you to be. However, while you start making arrangements for your trip to Thailand, you need to ensure that you have a complete understanding of all necessary to obtain a visa for Thailand.If you are looking for Thailand visa agents in Delhi, Continental Immigration can help. More than one million people have trusted Continental Immigration to make their travel dreams come true. Our Thailand Visa Facilitation service is second to none, lightning-fast, and completely stress-free for you. We are here to help you with any aspects of the Thailand visa application process, thanks to our Travel Visa Experts staff, who are highly competent and committed.

Type of Thailand Tourist Visas

There are two options for Indian citizens to obtain a Thailand visa

  • The first is to apply for a visa before they travel
  • The second is to apply for a Thailand visa on arrival

If you want to prevent any last-minute complications at the airport in Thailand, you strongly recommend that you get your visa taken care of in India. Instead of scrambling at the last minute, why not have your Thailand visa stamped in India and be on your way to Thailand in no time? Using this method will allow you to fly without any difficulties.

Applying for a Thailand visa in advance has several benefits, including the following: the validity of the visa is extended, applicants have the choice of applying for multiple types of Thailand Visas, the application procedure is considerably more straightforward, and the cost is significantly reduced. You only get a valid visa for 15 days, and your trip can only be for tourist purposes if you get a visa upon arrival in Thailand. This type of visa might be challenging to get because of the long waiting lines required. Obtaining a visa upon arrival might take up to four hours during high travel seasons.

Applying for Thailand tourist visa for Indians through Continental Immigration

Step 1:
Before you get started on your trip to Thailand, the first thing you need is to figure out which kind of visa you will need to enter the country, such as a tourist visa, a work visa, a student visa, or any other kind. An applicant must fulfill each of these several types of visas to be considered eligible for obtaining a visa. The Thailand tourist visa is the most frequent form of visa, and it can either be given for a single entrance or numerous entries, depending on the purpose of your trip. Thailand Single-entry visas are frequently granted for stays lasting three months or even three months and up to six months. Also, a six-month multiple-entry visa allows for up to ninety days each entrance. However, the length of time a visa is valid for is entirely up to the Thailand Embassy to decide and is mainly determined by the nature of your trip and the itinerary you have planned. It is the responsibility of visa applicants to make sure that they follow all of the visa's rules and regulations.

Step 2:
Once you have decided on whatever sort of visa you intend to apply for, the next thing you need to do is get together the necessary paperwork to apply for a Thailand visa. We have compiled a checklist for you that will enable you to swiftly check off all of the documents required for Thailand visa:

  • Six-month-valid passport.
  • Visa application
  • The fee for obtaining a Thailand visa for Indian requires two current color pictures with a white backdrop.
  • confirmed tickets for the flight back home
  • Authentic bank statement
  • Documentation proves that a hotel or other accommodation has been reserved in Thailand.
  • If you want to visit family or friends in Thailand and live with them while you are there, you need to present a letter of invitation and a copy of their Thai identification document.
  • If you are a business person, you should include a cover letter outlining your position printed on your firm's letterhead.

Step 3:
Once you have all of your documentation in order, it is time to hand those documents over to a reputable travel agency for processing. You should now be familiar with obtaining a visa; however, how can you ensure that the application process will go smoothly? A Thai visa denial might result from something as simple as a typographical error in your application. The only thing you need to do to make obtaining a Thailand visa simpler is to hand over all of your visa issues to Continental Immigration, which has been a notable provider of visas. We have been the go-to choice for more than a million travelers looking to get their Thailand visas issued more quickly while maintaining our high-efficiency level.

Our Visa Professionals will take care of every aspect process of applying for a visa on your behalf; this includes getting all of the necessary documents together, filling out the necessary visa forms, validating the documents, filing the application to the Embassy, and trying to deliver the visa to your front door.

Step 4:
You are almost done with your Thailand visa. Your visa application will typically be processed within three to four business days, excluding the date it was submitted and weekends and public holidays. Should we be able to process your application without any problems, we will bring your passport to you together with the Thai visa directly at your front door. After that, pack your luggage, for you are about to embark on an adventure in Thailand, the country of smiles!

Should one apply Thailand visa online before traveling, or is it possible to obtain a Thailand visa upon arrival?

If you want to apply for a Thailand visa through us, the process will take around three to four days and cost about the same. It is in your best interest to have us handle the application for your Thailand visa since we will handle the entirety of the procedure for you, beginning with the preparation of your Thailand Visa paperwork and ending with the stamping of your visa. Therefore, you may avoid the hassle and the delay upon arrival.

Thailand visa fees for Indian

The Thailand visa cost for Indians begins at INR 1,999 for an eVisa, and the application can take anywhere from two to three business days to process. Obtaining a visa for Thailand is not only simple but also inexpensive when you use Continental Immigration.

When I travel to Thailand, do I need to have a visa?

Yes. Those who are traveling with an Indian passport have the option of applying for a Thailand Visa in advance of their journey at a Thailand Consulate or Embassy, or they can still choose to request for a Thailand Visa upon arrival at the airport. However, to prevent any problems at the last minute or lengthy lines at the airport in Thailand, it is strongly advised that the Thailand visa be obtained in India itself. Obtaining a visa for Thailand in India is a quick and painless process that is far more cost-effective than obtaining a visa upon arrival. Also, apply for a Thailand visa before you arrive. You will be able to obtain a single entry visa that will allow you to stay in the country for up to 30 or 60 days, but a visa obtained upon arrival would only allow you to stay for a maximum of 15 days.

Duration of tourist visa for Thailand from India 2022 Validity

You can stay in Thailand for 30-60 days with a tourist or business visa, which can be extended for 30 days at the nearest Thai immigration office.

Processing Time after apply for Thailand visa

The Thai visa processing time might vary at any time. The length of time it takes to get a Thai visa varies greatly depending on the kind of visa, the applicant's nationality, the season, and other factors. Within four business days after filing, the visa is often processed. Candidates are encouraged to start the application process well in advance of when they want to depart for their trip. Your application for a visa has to be turned in at least ten days before the day that you want to travel.

Extend Your Visit

To extend their time in the country or modify their visa status, visitors must apply for approval at the local immigration office. Only the Immigration officer has the authority to grant an extension of stay or modify a specific type of visa status.

Visa on arrival (VOA) has considerable advantages, but the absence of information online might have severe consequences for your trip plans. VOA applications are fraught with peril. Getting a Thailand visa in advance is the best option if you're on a tight budget, have questions about VOA, or want to make sure your trip goes well. In the event that anything unexpected occurs, it might end up saving you a lot of time and hassle. Avoid the bother and the additional time it will take you to get there by not going.

Reasons for a Thailand visa rejection

The following is a list of some of the reasons why an application for a Thailand visa could be rejected:

  • The documents that were provided were wrong.
  • Failure to present financial proof
  • You applied for the incorrect type of visa.
  • You did not offer sufficient documentation of your links to your home country during your last visit, which resulted in a violation of your visa restrictions.
  • You did not correctly complete the forms necessary to apply for a visa.
  • You requested to remain for more than sixty days.

If you are planning a trip shortly and want a Thailand visa, one point that you should remember is to get it correctly, the very first time, with Continental Immigration. If you want a visa to enter Thailand, you ought to bear this in mind. Reapplying will squander not only your money but also your effort and the frustration and headaches that the process will cause. Your prospects of getting into the Land of Smiles may be utterly ruined if you receive many rejection letters. Get in contact with our Visa Expert as soon as possible to avoid the hassle of having your application for a Thailand visa rejected.

Continental Immigration has assisted over a million individuals in achieving their travel goals. Our Thailand Visa Facilitation service is rapid, simple, and of the highest quality. We are available for all of your Thailand visa application requirements. Our visa specialists are very knowledgeable and devoted.

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