Business Visa for Thailand from India - All details of Thailand Business Visa

A Thailand Business Visa is required for business visitors from outside Thailand. In Thailand, the Business Visa falls under the "B" non-immigrant visas category.

If you are a foreign national and want to conduct business in Thailand without receiving payment from a Thai company, you will need a Thailand Business Visa.

Some nationalities can enter Thailand visa-free for tourism purposes. Even if you aren't working, you may still need a Business Visa to enter Thailand if you're not from a nation that requires visas.

If you must frequently travel to and from Thailand for business, you can obtain a visa allowing you to remain in the country for up to 90 days per visit.

But if you plan on working while in Thailand, you'll also need a Thai Work Permit, and that application can't be made without a Non-Immigrant Visa in the "B" Category.

What papers do I need to get a Thailand business visa for Indian?

· The applicant has completed and signed a form for applying for a business visa in Thailand. You might be able to obtain it by visiting the embassy or consulate website in person, or you might try looking for it online.

· Passport-size photograph of oneself.

· Valid passport. Which is valid for at least another half a year and contains at least two empty visa pages is acceptable.

· Proof that you have enough money to cover the cost of your stay.

· A letter from the place you work. Which says your job title, how long you've worked there, how much you get paid, and why you're going to Thailand.

· The company in Thailand has written to extend an invitation to you.

· Proof that you have health insurance for Thailand.

· Documents that show your business relationships with people in Thailand.

· Documents about the company that was invited to Thailand.

Thailand business visa process time

Depending on which agent office you apply through, the time it takes to get a Thailand Business Visa can vary. But you should give it between 5 and 10 work days, though some visas can be processed in as little as two days.

Can I change my Thai visa status from tourist to business?

If you enter Thailand on a Tourist Visa but wish to conduct business while you are there, you can request a change at the Thai Immigration Bureau Office in Bangkok.

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