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A family visa is a long-stay visa issued to relatives of a Spanish citizen or permanent resident who is exercising his or her right to reconnect with family members who are living abroad. With a family visa, your loved ones may join you in the nation.

You can't get a family reunion visa if you have only lived legally in Spain for less than a year.

Which Family Members Can Obtain a Spain spouse visa?

Spouse or partner of the applicant who is listed in the public registry and with whom the applicant established a relationship prior to relocating to Spain. This individual must be added to the public registry.

Children who are either the applicant's own or the applicant's spouse's or partners. Examples of these include children who are under the age of 18 and youngsters who are unable to care for their own needs owing to their current state of health.

Parents (both mother and father) of the applicant, as well as the applicant's spouse or partner, if the applicant is responsible for their care, if the parents are above the age of 65, and if the applicant has a cause to live in Spain.

What is the Spain spouse visa processing time?

By rule, a decision on your application for a family visa must be made within two months of the date you sent in your application. The working time can be longer if an interview or more paperwork is needed.

How long may I remain in Spain on a Spain dependent Visa?

You are allowed to remain in Spain for the whole temporary residence period if the foreign resident applying for the visa already has a valid temporary residence permit.

What Are the Obligations of My Family?

Within two months of getting a family visa, your family member must go to the Spanish embassy or consulate and ask for a visa in person.

Once the visa is approved and the family member picks it up in person, he or she must enter Spain within the visa's expiration time (no more than three months) and apply for a Foreigner's Identification Card (TIE).


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