South Korea Business Visa Requirements, Processing Time & Cost

There are specific actions you must take when conducting business abroad. You need a business visa before you can do business in South Korea. Having this pass is helpful in a lot of ways. This visa will allow you to enter the nation for the purpose of conducting business, such as attending a trade show, conference, or meeting with a client. There are also different kinds of visas for South Korea. These are put into groups based on what kind of business they are.

Types of Business Visas for South Korea for Indian Citizens

D8: It is given to anyone wanting to spend money outside South Korea. This visa usually lets you enter and leave the country more than once, and its duration could be different.

D9: This visa is given to people who want to work in South Korea in trade management. The visa can be used more than once, and each visit can last up to 30 days.

Eligibility for Business Visa for South Korea from India

To be eligible to apply for a South Korean business visa, you must first satisfy the requirements. You must ensure that this is the correct form of visa for you and that you meet all requirements:

· You must prove that you own a business and why you are there.

You must have the right proof to show the government that you have a business.

If you're going to a business gathering or meeting with a client or business partner, the company must send the embassy a letter of invitation.

· You must fulfil the character requirements.

To conduct business in South Korea, you must be of excellent character and have sincere motives.

You must also provide supporting documentation in the form of a PCC.

• You have to be in a secure financial position.

You must have enough money or be able to get enough money to pay for your stay and other costs in South Korea.

A bank account or something similar must be shown, along with proof.

South Korea business visa processing time

About 2 to 5 days are needed to process the business visa before it can be given. The length of time will still rely on things like the amount of work at the embassy office, staff availability, whether all the documents have been turned in, if some are still missing, and so on. These factors affect how much time goes up or down.

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