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The process for obtaining a tourist visa for South Korea

One must first obtain a South Korean tourist visa for Indian if one wishes to enter this land of culture and intellect. It may sound simple, but if you don't know the fundamentals, it's actually rather difficult. As a result, we have arrived to offer our assistance in overcoming it. This tutorial will illustrate how simple it is for Indians to obtain a South Korean a tourist visa if they understand the essentials, as they cannot visit South Korea without visa.

Instructions for Obtaining a Visa to Visit South Korea

Before applying for a South Korean tourist visa, it's a good idea to research how long it takes for the visa to be processed and issued. When you have collected all of the necessary information for the application, you can move forward with the steps below.

  • Step 1: Obtain a visa application.
  • The South Korean Embassy where you now reside will be able to provide you with the necessary visa application form, or you can request one online.

  • Step 2: get a visa application.
  • When filling out the application, we ask that you be as specific as possible. Make sure to put your signature on the application when you're done.

  • Step 3: Gather the necessary paperwork for the visa application.
  • Write out everything you'll need to attach to your application. Collect the necessary paperwork and have it handy.

  • Step 4: affix a recent photograph.
  • If you're applying for a visa, don't forget to enclose a recent, colour photo of yourself. Make sure the photo you intend to use for your visa application complies with all applicable regulations. Regardless, your photo can't be any newer than 6 months.

  • Step 5: Calculate the Visa Application Fee
  • Research the costs you might expect to pay for your visa. Be prepared to send the fee together with your visa application. Remember to check the mode of payment approved by the South Korean Embassy in your place of residency for visa applications.

  • Step 6: Put in an application for a visa
  • If you want to visit South Korea, you'll need to apply for a visa at the South Korean Embassy in your country.

  • Step 7: submit the visa application fee
  • Submit your application and visa cost together

  • Step 8: Pick up your visa
  • Embassy consultants will inform you either via email or message on your mobile about your visa acceptance. Pick up your visa on schedule.

What are the documents required for a South Korea tourist visa?

  • At least six months remaining on the passport's expiration date and three blank pages, without counting visa or unused pages;
  • Form for Requesting a Visa;
  • 2 current, full-color images;
  • a cover letter detailing your qualifications (for regular jobs, use plain paper, for contract jobs, use company letterhead);
  • Original, Up-to-Date Bank Statement (Last 6 Months);
  • Federal and state income tax returns (Form 16) for the past two years;
  • It's official: you have round-trip airline tickets;
  • Proof of stay in South Korea

How much does a south Korean visa cost for Indian citizens?

The visa fee might be very expensive, depending on the sort of visa you need. There are two types of South Korean tourist visa for Indians: single-entry and multiple-entry. A single entry visa for up to ninety days will cost approximately INR 2800, and a visa for more than ninety days would cost approximately INR 4200. It costs around INR 6300 for multiple entrance visas. In addition, if the objective of the visit necessitates a double-entry visa, the visa fee rises to INR 4900.

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