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Who doesn't love to travel and explore the beautiful places in the world?

Vacations can be best if you get to visit attractive places that will mesmerize your inner self. The most loved and beautiful destination that Indians visit is Singapore. It is a place with various tourist attractions. This can be a nice destination for you to visit if you're organising your next trip. It’s easy to submit a application for Singapore tourist visa from india.

Nothing is difficult and way far to visit if you get yourself a Singapore tourist visa, which is valid for 30 days. Though applying for a visa is not very costly it is within your budget. You need to follow the three simple steps for the process of application and get the visa in your hand to fulfill your purpose.

What conditions must an Indian applicant meet?

Indians who look forward to visiting Singapore for the first time must have various questions running through their mind. The first and foremost thing that is essential for an individual when planning to go to Singapore is a Visa. You must submit an application for a Singapore e-visa for indians if you are from India.

Tourist visas, good for stays of up to 30 days, are issued by the embassy to visitors. Due to the multiple entry capabilities of this Singapore e-visa for Indians, you won't need to apply for a visa each time you visit Singapore.

It is essential to apply for the visa depending on the purpose and then get it in your hand. This is the article that will help you know all the details about the documents and other things related to your visit to Singapore.

Different Types of Visa

Those who are visiting Singapore for different purposes must know that you need to apply for different types of visas. Remember you need to apply for a Visa depending on your purpose which has different validity and cost.

  • Business Visa
  • Tourist Visa

These are two different types of visas which are available for Indians looking forward to visiting Singapore.

Business Visa Singapore

From a worldwide perspective, Singapore is a financial center; business tycoons and entrepreneurs frequently travel there for business. For the same, a Singapore visa is necessary; this visa is distinct from the standard Singapore tourist visa. Singapore welcomes you to do so by awarding you a Singapore work visa if you want to start a business or enterprise there. This kind of visa is good for a whole year. However, this form of visa has a few characteristics, such as restrictions and requirements.

All taxes and application fees for the Singapore tourist visa are included.

Note: *An extra service fee is payable.

What is the Application Process For Singapore Visa?

You must follow a precise procedure if you want to apply for a Singapore visa online. Here are steps that can help you know the process of application;

  • Firstly, you can apply online for the Singapore e visa.
  • Secondly, you need to pay.
  • Next is to share your documents.
  • Finally, get your Singapore visit visa

Singapore Visa Requirements for Application

  • Original passport and any previous passports
  • Keep in mind that the passport needs to be valid for at least six months after the date of the return to India and contain at least two blank pages.
  • Confirmed bookings for lodging and return flights
  • 2 recent colour photographs at passport size (35 mm x 45 mm, 80% face close-up), matte-finished, and taken on a white background (Sample Singapore visa photo size)
  • A handwritten cover letter that includes the applicant's name, passport number, travel itinerary, details about other travellers, length of stay in Singapore, employment history, mobile number, and email address.
  • To finish and sign the letter, use a black pen.
  • You must present address proof (such as a phone, energy, or mobile bill, a letter from your society, or a leasing agreement) if the address indicated in the passport differs (Any one documents required).
  • If it's your first time, you'll need financial records, such a bank statement for the last three months or three years. several tax forms (Any One document required.)
  • Original, legally recognised, and a bank representative-signed bank statements for the last six months.
  • There must be a minimum of $30,000 in travel insurance.
  • Negative RTPCR test results 48 hours before departure.
  • At the Singapore Airport, applicants must register and make payment for the on-site PCR test.

How much does an Indian visa to Singapore cost?

For those who are planning a trip to visit and looking for a Singapore visa for Indians Cost, then it is

30 SGD. This is the processing fees application process per person.

It's not always possible to get a refund for this fee, which is imposed if you go through the embassy. Additionally, there are certain agents who will get the visa for you, but they charge a price.

Steps to Apply for Singapore Visa for Indians

If you are the one who is looking for the steps to apply for the Singapore work permit visa, then you just need to follow the simple steps listed below:

  • Firstly, download the Singapore Tourist Visa form (14-A) from the website and carefully fill it out.
  • The next step is to confirm how long your passport is valid.
  • Don't forget to submit your visa application along with the flight tickets.
  • The candidate should then write a cover letter outlining the itinerary, dates, and sites. To "The Embassy of Singapore," address the letter.
  • Send your most recent three years' worth of tax returns and bank records, especially if this is your first time travelling.
  • Next is creating address documentation. If the address on your passport and your home address are different, you must present verification of both.
  • The confirmed hotel reservations for Singapore should then be added.
  • Pay the visa fees after submitting all of your paperwork.

Once you have finished everything, all that remains is for the visa application to be processed and for you to obtain confirmation. Having a Singapore tourist visa in your hand reduces your distance from Singapore.

Important Things To Keep In Mind

Here is a list of a few important things that you should keep in mind when checking the Singapore visa requirements

  • A further courier fee of Rs 500 will be charged if the applicant's location for document pickup is within Mumbai. If the applicant chooses to drop off their documents anywhere other than Mumbai, there will be an extra Rs 700 courier fee added to the cost of the Singapore tourist visa.
  • The Visa fee is not refundable once it has been paid to Continental Immigration Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, whether the visa is delayed, approved, or rejected.
  • We make no promises regarding visa approval.
  • Although the Singapore immigration office estimates that processing will take 5 working days, a decision on your application may be made sooner or later for many reasons
  • Immigration officers have sole power over whether to grant visas or rejection of the Singapore work visa for Indians

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