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Singapore Visitor Visa From India

Singapore is a big hit with Indian tourists! Over 1.4 million Indians come to Lion City each year. There is one thing that all of these visitors have in common - they must apply for a Singapore Visa before they can enter the nation! Indian nationals need a tourist visa for Singapore if they want to visit Singapore for vacation, holiday, or business purposes. With this visa, you may stay in Singapore for 30 days after arrival. If you wish to stay beyond that period, you will need an extension. You can get a tourist visa by applying online, and you should receive this. This means that it is feasible for an Indian national who applies today and satisfies all requirements will be able to use their visa as early as. However, note that no extensions are allowed on tourist visas. So make sure you schedule your journey accordingly. Also, note that tourists cannot work in Singapore under a tourist visa. Don't hesitate to reach us for more details about applying for a tourist visa for Singapore from India.You can receive a Singapore visa in as little as 4-5 days with Continental Immigration. All required is to fill out the online application and pay the fee; our visa professionals will handle the rest.

Below Documents are needed to get Singapore Travel visa from India

  • To obtain a Singapore visa, you will need an original passport valid for at least six months and including at least three blank pages and the passport numbers of any past visitors to Singapore.
  • Form for visa applications.
  • A pair of recent color images.
  • For employed, the cover letter should be written on plain paper or on the letterhead of the company that employs you.
Supporting documentation for Indian visa Singapore, based on your profession and the purpose of your trip:
  • A document of your last six months' pay stubs and your Employment Identification Card (EID).
  • You'll need a business license, a memorandum of understanding, or a partnership agreement if you are self-employed.
  • Proof of retirement, such as a pension book, statement, etc., is required if you are retired.
  • To prove your educational status, you'll need your school's ID card.
  • On an Rs. 100/- stamp paper and ID proof of the parent, such as a passport or PAN card, if you are under 18.
  • Think about going to see a friend or member of your family. That means you'll need an invitation letter, the invitee's ID evidence like a Passport or Resident Permit, and proof of the invitee's address, such an Electricity bill.
  • If you are sponsored, you'll need a letter from your host firm outlining the purpose of your trip and a letter from your Indian counterpart, both on official company letterhead.
  • Flight and hotel reservations have been confirmed.
  • Easy procedures to get Singapore Tourist Visa:

    More than one million people have made Continental Immigration a part of their trip plans. Our Singapore Visa Facilitation service is the best in the industry, and it's fast and easy. All of your Singapore Visa application needs can be met by our team of Travel Visa Experts, who have years of background in the field. Your visa application will be handled by a single visa specialist throughout.

    Applying for a Singapore Visa with Continental Immigration is as easy as the following steps:

    Step 1: Tell our Visa Expert about your trip and get answers to all of your questions.

    Step 2: To complete this step, you must pay the Singapore visa fee online and have us pick up your documents.

    Step 3: your documents are forwarded to the Embassy for further review and verification by our Experts.

    Step 4: After the documents are verified, you will then be allowed to go to Singapore!

    Who is qualified to submit an application for a Singapore tourist visa?
    • A tourist visa allows travelers from other countries to enter Singapore. To be eligible, travelers must not have plans to engage in any paid activity during their stay; therefore, they are prohibited by law from conducting business transactions or working while on vacation in Singapore when it comes to filing for a tourist visa, just as with any other country, some specific rules and laws must be followed.
    • Some individuals may be eligible without meeting all of these requirements as long as they do not hold intentions of working during their trip. Those who plan to conduct business will be required to get an employment pass (EP) or work permit before applying for a tourist visa.
    • It is essential to become acquainted with the policies and processes of your vacation destination before applying for a visa.
    • We hope that you now understand how to get Singapore tourist. Please contact the Singapore tourist visa agent if you have any further inquiries about obtaining a tourist visa for Singapore from India. You can find Singapore tourist visa agents in Delhi, but you are already at the right place.

      How Long Does Tourist Visa for Singapore from India 2022 Take?

      It can take two weeks or several months to get a tourist visa. It relies on how long it brings you to collect all your documents and fill out your application. The excellent information is that you don't have to be attending in person at an embassy or consulate when you apply. Instead, you can send everything via post or courier; ensure that your nearest VFS office receives everything before your deadline. If your visa application is approved, it should arrive at your chosen address within three days of its approval date.

      Singapore visit visa price

      • Visas generally have an application fee, associated processing fee, and other expedited fees. Every country's application and processing fees are different and can often change based on how quickly you need your visa.
      • If you are scheduling a trip to Singapore, check out all of your possible options before deciding which one is most convenient for you! Just remember that when you want a Singapore tourist visa price for Indian, you'll likely want one that gets processed quickly.
      • Keep in mind how extended your stay will be while choosing your visa; more extended stays will likely come with higher costs. Finally, make sure you look into any extra charges that might be added if you plan to travel beyond Singapore once you've arrived.
      Do I require a visa to enter Singapore if I hold an Indian passport?

      Travelers from India must obtain a Singapore visa before entering the nation. When it comes to getting a Singapore visa online, Continental Immigration has you covered! Obtaining a Singapore visa is an easy four-step process that we'll guide you through.

      Obtaining a Singapore visa requires a travel insurance policy

      A Singapore visa does not necessitate proof of travel insurance. You only need the documents listed below to get started!

      A list of things to keep in mind when applying for a Singapore visitor visa for Indian online:
      • You may apply for a Singapore Tourist Visa just one month prior to your desired departure date.
      • Indian nationals must apply for Singapore e-Visas with conventional Indian passports to enter Singapore. Diplomatic, service and official passport holders from India do not require an e-Visa to enter the United States.
      • Singapore visas can be obtained for various reasons, including tourism, business, job, study, and more. According to your purpose of travel and eligibility, you will need to apply for a particular visa type.
      • The majority of Singapore visas are valid for numerous visits. It's suitable for two years. However, the Singapore High Commission has complete control over the validity of the visa. You can stay for up to 30 days each time you visit.
      • The Singapore High Commission doesn't take applications from single people. Only authorized Travel Agents and Strategic Partners, like Continental Immigration, can apply for the visa online.
      • As an electronic visa (e-Visa), the Singapore visa application process is entirely online. Your passport will not be marked up with any stamps or stickers. It is recommended that you print and keep a copy of the visa copy that you will get through email.
      • Singapore visa applications must include the following items: a valid passport, a recent bank statement, and two round-trip airline tickets from the applicant's home country If you are going on a business trip, you will need a letter of invitation from the company you are visiting. In a cover letter, explain in your own words what you will be doing at the job. It is possible that you'll need to fill out more documentation, but it will depend on the cause for your visit.
      • Your Singapore e-Visa application will be completed within 2 to 4 working days after submitting it successfully. Not every application will be accepted. The norms and regulations set forth by the Singaporean government control this situation.
      • There is no reimbursement for any of the fees you pay for the Singapore Visa application, regardless of the outcome of the application process. The cost cannot be reimbursed even if you withdraw after submission.

      Why stress about the little stuff when we can handle it all for you? We never fail to satisfy our consumers by getting a Singapore visa.

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