Singapore Business Visa From India - Singapore Entrepreneur Visa

A foreign tourist to Singapore may start a company with the help of the country's special "EntrePass" business visa. Entrepreneurs and investors alike will find that EntrePass is their best business-related alternative. This visa is valid for a whole calendar year. Singapore's Employment of Foreign Manpower Act is in charge of how to apply for an EntrePass.

Singapore is a world-class city with many business possibilities and a mixed, alive and well society. The best way to describe it is as a place with a fast-paced life and a history of being off the beaten path. Singapore is a melting pot of countries and histories and an explosion of wonderful food. It is often called the best example of modern Asia.

How to apply Business Visa Singapore?

Getting a business visa for Singapore is very difficult for India. You can't just send an application to the Singapore High Commission. You can apply for it through a local friend in Singapore, a key partner in Singapore, or a visa provider in India who can do so.

Check that you are qualified to apply for the business permit before you start the application. The application process is not complete unless the following requirements are met:

· Visit the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore's website and complete the application (Form 14A).

· It may be typed or filled out by hand.

· Go to one of the visa providers who are approved.

· Send them the application along with the fees and papers they need.

· Once the office has attended to the request, it will be sent to the relevant division for processing.

· Sometimes, you must visit the Singapore High Commission or Consulates to discuss your visa.

Singapore Business Visa Requirements

For your application for a Singapore business visa for Indian to be accepted, you must send in the following documents:

· A passport must have at least six months left on its validity after the intended departure date from Singapore to be accepted there.

· A completely filled out and signed application form with all of the necessary information.

· Confirmed airline tickets.

· Statements from your bank for the past six months.

· Two photographs that are suitable for the criteria.

· Cover message from the company in India that is sending the package, sent to the office or consulate.

· A letter of invitation from the firm in Singapore with whom you would be doing business.

· Form V39A is a cover letter.

How long it takes to get a business visa for Singapore?

The number of applications received at the mission, the number of visits, the length of time the visa is valid, and a host of other factors may significantly impact the outcome of this process. The business e-visa takes only one working day to process. However, the High Commission requires that you submit your visa application at least one month before you are scheduled to depart.

Need help getting a Business Visa for Singapore?

When you apply for an EntrePass, the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) will review your application and the business plan you are expected to present. It is recommended that you seek the assistance of a knowledgeable travel leader like Continental Immigration who can assist with applying for the license, developing the business plan, and renewing the license so that you can be certain that your application and business plan comply with the standards of the Ministry.


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