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On October 31, 2022, the government of Portugal gave foreigners who want to find work in Portugal a new visa called a Job Seeker visa. Officials in Portugal said they made this visa available to help with the lack of workers in their country.

With a Portugal job seeker visa, a person can go to Portugal, stay there for three months, and look for work. It lets them work for as long as the visa is good, usually three months or until they get a residence card.

Portugal Job Seeker Visa Requirements

· Valid passport.

· Your employment agreement.

· Passport-sized photographs that adhere to Portugal visa photograph requirements.

· Evidence of residence in Portugal.

· Documentation of adequate funds to support oneself.

· Your criminal history from the jurisdiction in which you reside.

· A document granting the SEF permission to review your Portuguese criminal history.

· Evidence of health coverage.

· If applying from a country other than your origin, Provide evidence of legal presence, such as a visa or a residence permit.

Validity of Portugal Job Seeker Visa India

This visa may be renewed for up to 60 days, bringing the total length of stay to 180 days. This visa is granted based on the competent services' assignment of a scheduled date within its 120-day validity period. After the job contract is finalized within the allotted period, the candidate may use it to apply for a residence visa.

After submitting the application, you must also satisfy the prerequisites outlined in Article 77 of the Law before a temporary residence permit may be issued.

The visa recipient must leave the country upon the expiration of the visa's validity to search for work if they have not established an employment contract or initiated the procedure to request the issuance of a residence permit.

Time for Processing Job Seeker Visa for Portugal

The average time to get a job seekers visa Portugal is between 3 and 6 months. But the time it takes might be longer depending on factors such as the season, whether or not all of your documents are in order, etc.

Extension of visa

You can only reapply for a new visa in this situation one year after the validity of the old one has expired.

Proof of registration with the IEFP, I.P., and a statement from the applicant stating that the intended stay criteria are satisfied must be included with petitions to extend visas for those with job seeker visas. The request will be evaluated based on the reasons that led to the visa being granted in the first place.

Does a Portuguese Work Visa Result in Permanent Residency?

After five years of living in Portugal on a temporary resident visa, applicants are able to apply for a permanent residence permit. After becoming a permanent resident, you can access the employment market without registering for a work permit.

Permanent resident permits have a more extended validity period, are easier to renew, and provide the same benefits as a Portuguese citizen.


The fee for a Portuguese Embassy-issued entry visa is €90 (may vary by country).

€83 is the fee for applying for a qualified worker's residence permit at the SEF.

Obtaining a work permit from the SEF costs €72.

How much money can one expect to make living in Portugal?

The median monthly income in Portugal is around €2,750, which is equal to $2,676.40. Compared to the United States, where the average pay is about $7,892 per month, the average monthly income in Portugal is much lower.

Can I relocate to Portugal without a job offer?

Obtaining a residence registration is the simplest method to become a Portuguese resident. In this instance, foreign nationals are not required to look for employment or apply to universities. A residence permit can be obtained through investment in less than six months.

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