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A temporary Residency Card is referred to as TRC. Only Portugal offers this fantastic chance to live in Europe. You must first receive a temporary residence permit in Portugal before applying for a permanent residence card. To get Portugal temporary residence permit benefits, you can apply after five years of maintaining your status.

In addition to the particular requirements for receiving a Portugal TRC , the applicant must also satisfy the following stringent requirements:

  • Holding a current residency permit issued for the legal reasons required by law
  • Being present physically in Portuguese
  • Having a place to live and access to food
  • When necessary, enrolling in Social Security
  • Not be barred from returning to Portugal after being expelled
  • No flags in the SEF's Integrated Information System might be used to deny someone entrance.

Portugal TRC Card Benefits

You can obtain Portuguese residency through a variety of methods. Get a Temporary Residency Card if you want to move swiftly to Portugal and establish your legal status. This is the quickest option to obtain legal status in Portugal, but you must be employed full-time and have a monthly salary of at least 1070 Euros.

Portugal's SEF is the organization responsible for granting TRCs. Upon initial application, you will receive a TRC with a validity of one year, two years on your second application, and two years on your third application. You can apply for a Portugal temporary residence card after five years.

If a person has lived continuously in Lisbon or another city for five years and complies with all current requirements, they may apply for Portugal TRC card benefits.

Portugal TRC card processing time

In general, official authorities must provide the requested information within 30 days of receiving it. The 30-day timeframe may be increased to 60 days in instances that are especially justified.

Conditions like these may also have an impact on how long it takes to handle cases involving the issuance of a temporary or permanent residence visa:

  • The accuracy of the application that was filed
  • The number of formal application errors
  • To fix the flaws the party required an amount of time
  • Specific frame of time the office required the overall volume of applications.

Temporary Residence Permit Portugal – Documents Requirements

When you apply for a Portugal resident visa, you must prepare these documents:

  • A current passport.
  • Two recently taken identity photos.
  • Application of Form (When you apply for a residency visa).
  • Valid resident permit required for 3-4 months for visa application.
  • Proof of enough financial resources.
  • Validation of accommodations
  • Proof that the person has health insurance or is National Health Service-insured
  • Family affidavit (if applicable).
  • Criminal record check.
  • Parental approval (if applicable).
  • An employment agreement.
  • University letter of acceptance (student visa).
  • I paid my tuition (student visa).

Always keep in mind that if your documents still need to be translated into English or Portuguese, they must be done so. Additionally, some documents need to be legalized. Before submitting your Portugal TRC process application, check with the embassy.


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