Japan Business Visa From India - Get Process, Requirement & Fees Details

The Japanese government issues business visas to foreign nationals entering the country to pursue economic interests. This visa may be applied for by anyone travelling to Japan for business-related purposes, such as business discussions, attending a conference, or holding a meeting.

Don't forget that a business visa is different from a work visa. With a business visa, you can only stay in the country for a short time, and you can't work and get paid straight from a company while you're there. With a work visa, you can.

Japan Business Visa Requirements

· Visa Form: One of the most important things you need for this visa is the application form for a visa. The applicants must complete theirs properly, using the same important information from their papers. All fields must be filled.

· Flight Itinerary: A printed version of the applicant's flight itinerary, which includes the name and reservation number of the passenger, as well as the departure and arrival timings.

· A current passport is also one of the papers that must be shown. Only papers that are good for at least 6 months will be accepted.

· Photograph: A picture of yourself that is 4.5cm x 4.5cm and the size of a passport shot. On the back, the applicant's name is written.

· Information Required for Business Registration All applicants who possess a business entity in Japan must provide this information.

· Invitation Letter Those invited to Japan by a business or group there are required to provide the invitation letter issued to them and explain why they are making the trip.

· Guarantee Letter: A letter of guarantee signed by an authorised representative of the firm and affixed with the company's official seal.

· The applicant must provide a statement of their bank account as "Proof of Funds," demonstrating that they have the financial means to support themselves throughout their stay.

There is a possibility that you may need more documentation, but the ones listed above are the most essential.

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