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Is working and living abroad something you're interested in? Continental Immigration is one of the best work visa agents in the world. They have helped thousands of people and families settle in the best places to live in the world. We've seen for ourselves how moving abroad can change a person's life, as well as the lives of their family and parents. We are the number one choice for professionals who want to work abroad because we offer the most complete career solutions.

You can enter and work in a foreign country for a predetermined amount of time with the help of a work visa. With a work visa, employment abroad is possible. Work authorization visits may be issued based on varying processes and criteria in various nations. Work permit permits may be awarded temporarily or permanently. To continue working for his or her employer beyond the expiration of a temporary work visa, the visa holder must apply for a renewal.

The length of a work visa depends on how many jobs are open and the job market. New Zealand is among the countries that offer work visas that can be converted into permanent residency. Work visa holders who meet age, health, and character requirements can apply to have their status changed to that of permanent residents. A similar six-month work visa is available in the United States for international nationals. All work visas into the nation require prior approval from USCIS.

Types of work visa for Long Stays

Employment: You are permitted to work in the Schengen area if you already have an offer of employment there

Self-Employment: If you wish to work as a freelancer or create your own company in Schengen, you will have to become self-employed.

You can make money if you do work for yourself.

Jobseeker: The Schengen Area is a good place to look for a job.

This visa is available to young individuals who desire to serve as au pairs throughout Europe and learn more about the history, language, and culture of the region.

Working Holiday Visa: Young people from countries that have signed an agreement with Schengen Countries can get this visa

Documents Required for Europe work permit:

· Two completely filled-out application forms were Signed and printed at the conclusion.

· Two passport pictures.

· Valid Passport

· As "Proof of Residency" in the location where you desire to submit an application for a consular position, your driver's license and a utility bill in your name.

· Travel Insurance

· In Germany, a legally valid employment contract or job offer must include both the gross yearly wage and a detailed job description.

· A current resume highlighting your relevant education and work or professional experience;

· Verification of Qualifications (Mark-sheets, Certificates, Diplomas);

· A cover letter from you that describes the purpose of the trip and its duration.

· Proof of a clean criminal record; and

· A receipt demonstrating that the correct visa fee has been paid.

· Declaration of Information Accuracy

Process for Getting a European working permit:

To get a work permit visa, you need to do the following:

· Receive an employment offer in Schengen.

· Determine if a visa is required to stay in Schengen for a lengthy period of time.

· Determine the proper location to which you must submit your visa application.

· Once you have gathered all the necessary papers, you must ensure that the instructions are followed precisely.

· Schedule an appointment for an interview in order to get a visa.

· Pay the fee for a Schengen work visa.

· Go to the meeting.

· Wait to hear back about your application for a visa.

What can Continental Immigration do to help you get a Schengen Work visa:

Are you planning a business or pleasure trip to Schengen and need reputable work visa consultants in Delhi? Consequently, Continental Immigration has you covered. We are the best work visa consultants in India. Also, we expedite and simplify the processing of visas via the use of seasoned Visa Experts giving expert services. Visa processing fees are affordable, and our Visa Experts streamline your application procedure.


Do I need a Schengen work visa if I want to work in Europe?

You need to hold a National D-type Work visa in order to be able to work in Schengen nations for an extended period of time. If you are granted this visa by the nation in which you want to work, you will not be able to find employment in any other state.

If, on the other hand, you are required to go to the Schengen Area for work and your trip will be less than ninety days, you are eligible to apply for a short-stay Schengen work visa that will allow you to take care of business while you are there. You will need to show proof that your trip is for work to get a short-stay visa for the same length of time as your job in the Schengen Area you want. Before the date on your visa runs out, you must leave the country you are in.

If you have to work for more than 90 days, you need a type D long-stay work visa. It's possible you'll need to have it checked within the first three months in the country.

When do I need to apply?

Because it may take up to six weeks for embassy officials to complete an application for an employment visa, you should submit your application for a European work visa at least two months before your travel to the continent. Because the procedure might take as long as 12 weeks, it is in your best interest to submit your application as soon as you possibly can.

How long can I work on my visa?

The majority of work visas for the Schengen Area allow you to work for a period of one year; however, after that year has passed, most nations allow you to seek for an extension. In order to accomplish this goal, you will need to provide the authorities in the country in which you are working with the necessary documents and provide an explanation as to the reason you need a longer stay.

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