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Continental Immigration is your trusted partner, offering honest and efficient services customised to New Zealanders' needs. Continental Immigration offers simple travel and unique experiences.

Indian visa from New Zealand

Getting an Indian visa can be complicated, but you are not alone with Continental Immigration. Our team of experienced Indian visa consultants is dedicated to giving you expert advice at every step. Our consultants will explain the documents needed and ensure your application is sent correctly.

Desire to discover India's mesmerising landscapes, historical sites, and vibrant culture? Continental Immigration assists New Zealand citizens in obtaining a visa to enter India with confidence. Regardless of the purpose of your travel arrangements business travel, leisurely vacation, or cultural immersion, our services are customised to fulfil your particular requirements.

Application Procedure Streamlined from New Zealand

The days of laborious visa applications are long gone. It is effortless to apply for an Indian visa from New Zealand using Continental Immigration. Our secure online portal guarantees the utmost care in handling your personal information, offering a dependable and practical solution for all your travel documentation requirements. Submit your India visa application electronically and confidently commence your vacation in India.

New Zealand visa requirements for Indian citizens

Here are the main things that New Zealand people need to do to get a tourist visa for India:

Passport: A valid passport for at least six months before the date you intend to visit

Photo the passport size: Please send recent passport-sized photos that meet the size and format standards listed.

Application Form Fully Filled Out: Fill out the online form for applying for a visa fully and correctly.

Proof of a travel plan: Provide detailed information regarding your travel arrangements, including accommodations and transportation methods.

Proof of Money: Provide bank statements or other financial paperwork to show that you can afford the costs of your trip.

Paying the Visa Fee: Use one of the approved online payment methods to pay the application visa fees.

Getting an e-visa: You will get your e-visa by email after submitting and being approved.

Indian visa process from NZ

With Continental Immigration, it is now easier than ever to get an Indian e-Visa from New Zealand. Our fast process makes sure that you don't have to deal with any problems and that your trip to India will go smoothly and quickly.

Submission Online: Initiate the application process by accessing our user-friendly online portal. You are assured of seamless navigation through the process as you provide precise information in our user-friendly interface.

Support for Documentation: Expert advice regarding the necessary documentation is readily available from the knowledgeable consultants at Continental Immigration. Your application is verified for completeness and accuracy, encompassing recent photographs and passport details.

Payment Security: Payment of the required visa fees via our designated online payment methods will securely conclude the procedure. With the uttermost care and security, your financial transactions are managed.

A Rapid Time for Processing: Prioritising expeditious processing guarantees that your e-Visa will be delivered promptly, as time is critical.

Confirmation with Email: E-Visas will be emailed to you following the completion of the processing procedure. Feel assured as you commence your journey by simply printing the confirmation.

Time to Process for Indian e visa for New Zealand Citizens

Processing as usual: Most of the time, an Indian e-Visa is processed between 4 and 7 work days after the application is received.

Quick/Urgent Processing: For an extra fee, some e-Visa services may offer "expedited" or "express processing," which cuts the time it takes to process the visa to one to three working days.

Cost for India visa for NZ citizens

Fee for an e-visa: For people from New Zealand, the price of an Indian e-visa depends on the type of e-visa (tourist, business, medical, etc.) and the length of the trip.

Processing Fee Right Away: There may be an extra fee for urgent services if you choose to have them processed faster.

If you are looking for a trustworthy, time-saving, and customer-focused way to obtain an Indian e-Visa from New Zealand, you should go with Continental Immigration. Applying online is the first step towards your next exciting experience.

Finally, Continental Immigration is your reliable partner in making your trip to India easy and quick for people from New Zealand. We are committed to making applying for an Indian e-Visa easy, so your trip plans go smoothly.

If you go with Continental Immigration, you can use an easy-to-use online tool that speeds up the visa application process. Our experienced consultants give you good advice that makes sure your paperwork is complete and correct. We know how important time is, so we offer quick processing times to fit your trip plans and optional expedited services for people who need approvals quickly.


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