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Why do you need Indian Tourist Visa?

As people who travel, we all know how necessary visas are. It's the most essential international documentation. Once you've sent in your visa application, it's clear that you'll be in a tough spot until you hear back from the consulate or embassy about how things are going. You don't know what will happen, and you can't go to the next step of lying abroad until your Visa is approved. You can now make the whole process easier by using the services of visa processing agents and visa processing companies.

Continental Immigration can help you get an India visa without a lot of trouble. We pay a lot of attention to your application from the time it is sent to the embassy until the time it is picked up and the visa is sent to your home.

You have come to the correct site if you are looking for India visa agents in Delhi.

Types of e visa India

There are two types of e-Tourist visas for India: one that is good for one month and one that is good for one year.

India e-tourist visa for one month

Tourists can now apply for an e-Tourist visa for India that is good for one month.

After arriving in India, the e-Tourist Visa may be used for 30 days.

It is a single-entry visa, so the entry date should be between the visa's dates and expires.

E-Tourist visa for India for one year

Tourist visas for India are suitable for 365 days after they are issued.

Guests may stay as many times as they want for a total of up to a total of ninety days using this card. A 180-day stay is permitted for visitors from Canada and Japan, as well as the United States and the United Kingdom, each time they visit

General requirements for Indian Tourist visa online

  • Passports must be valid for at least six months from the date of departure.
  • A duplicate of the passport's biographical page
  • A copy of the round-trip tickets must be provided for inspection at the time of application.
  • The latest bank statement shows accessible funds.
  • A letter of invitation from a sponsor, friend, or family member who resides in the abroad nation
  • A declaration of the support provided by the sponsor, friend, or money in the abroad nation
  • A photocopy of the sponsor's current and valid passport
  • Having a foreign spouse requires a marriage certificate.
  • When dealing with children, you need to provide both the parents' birth certificates and marriage certificates.
Tips about Indian tourist visa
  • This type of Visa cannot be converted or extended in any way.
  • It is only possible for a single person to submit an application for two e-Visas per calendar year.Applicants are expected to be in a financial position to support themselves throughout their time spent in India.
  • Throughout their stay in India, visitors must carry a copy of their e-Visa India permission.
  • When filing for an e-Tourist visa, you are asked to provide either an onward or return ticket.
  • No of their age, all candidates must have their passports.
  • When booking an application for a visa to enter India, parents are not authorized to include their kids in the request.
  • Visitors to protected or restricted locations cannot utilize the e-Tourist Visa.
  • The applicants' passports must have a validity duration of at least six months in order to be considered. In order to facilitate immigration and customs inspection, passports are required to have a minimum of two unused pages.
  • If you hold an International Travel Document or Diplomatic Passport, you cannot get an e-Tourist visa for India.

What the India e-Tourist Visa allows you to do

The electronic travel authorizations known as "e-tourist visas" are for visitors planning to go to India. This form of India eVisa may be utilized to see the sights, feel for the nation, and better understand its people. If you'd want to visit relatives or friends in India, you can apply for an e-Tourist visa.

Many international tourists get an e-Tourist visa to participate in a yoga retreat. According to some, India is the most spiritual region on the planet. The Taj Mahal, Varanasi, Rishikesh, and the Ellora and Ajanta Caves are some of India's holy monuments. Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism all have their origins in India, as does yoga, which has its roots in the subcontinent.

How long can you stay in India if you have got a permit to come into the country?

Tourist visas may only be used for 30 days at a time.

eVisa valid for one year; 90-day maximum stay per visit

Citizens of Canada, Japan, the UK, and the US may remain in India for 180 days on a one-year visa.

How long would it have taken to secure a visitor's visa for India after completing the necessary paperwork?

Obtaining a tourist visa for India online is the fastest method. Travelers should apply for an eVisa at least four working days in advance, even if they obtain their Visa in less than 24 hours.

Form completion and submission may be made in minutes if applicants have the necessary information and documentation on hand. After approval, the Visa will be emailed to the applicant.

In terms of speed, the e-tourist Visa is the most convenient option to enter India for tourism reasons since the entire process is carried out online.

What is visa policy?

Some laws govern who may and cannot come into the nation, known as the country's visa policy. Citizens of one country can enter without a visa under this policy, but not citizens of another country. Although most visa laws are bilateral, it is not always the case that two nations allow their citizens to travel visa-free.

H4 - How much does it cost you back to apply for an Indian visa?

The Visa's price varies according to the type of Visa it is.


Up-to-date: Our visa specialists regularly update their knowledge base to reflect the most recent changes in legislation and regulations.

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Apart from visa applications, we also provide a wide range of extra services to help you arrange your trip to the best of your ability.

Consult a reputable and experienced travel firm for assistance with visa questions if your Indian visa was initially refused and you want guidance. Indian visa applications can be handled by our Visa Experts, who have the necessary training and resources to do so effectively. We will handle your Indian visa application, so you won't have any issues and won't be rejected.

To apply for an Indian sticker visa, you must have a longer validity, multiple entries, or a purpose other than tourism. Contacting us will allow you to get the Indian visa sticker on your passport. We welcome your questions and comments.

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