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Find out how easy it is to fly to India with Continental Immigration. E-tourist visa applications are also something we can make straightforward for you. Your easy way to start exploring is waiting. Talk to us now.

E Tourist Visa India for Canadian

Due to Continental Immigration's expert assistance in obtaining your Indian E-Tourist Visa, a captivating expedition to India has become easier. Our streamlined procedure guarantees that the visa application for Canadian travellers will be a seamless and uncomplicated precursor to their adventure in India.

Continental Immigration highly values accuracy and effectiveness when attending to your E-Tourist Visa needs. By providing individualised support and an intuitive online application platform, we can accommodate the particular requirements of Canadian citizens. We offer a comprehensive visa application experience that caters to your interest in India's historical marvels, vibrant landscapes, and cultural diversity.

Requirements for E-visa for India from Canada

As a Canadian citizen, you must meet certain conditions to apply for an E-Tourist Visa (eTV) to India. Here is a list of the most important things you need to do and requirements to get an E-Tourist Visa for India:

1. Needs for a passport: You must ensure that your passport is still good at least six months after you get to India. In order for the customs officer to be able to stamp it, it must have at least two blank pages.

2. Criteria for Eligibility: The E-Tourist Visa can be used for short-term medical treatments, vacations, sightseeing, and casual trips to see friends or family.

3. The process of applying: To apply for an E-Tourist Visa, you must do so online at the website of the Bureau of Immigration of the Government of India.

4. Form for Application: Give correct information on the online application form. Make sure that the information given fits what's on your passport.

5. Photograph requirements: Follow the instructions and upload a recent picture the size of a passport. Picture backdrop should be white.

6. Upload a file: You can provide your personal information by uploading a scanned copy of the page in your passport.

7. Plan your trip: Provide specifics such as your arrival and departure dates. A guaranteed return ticket is essential.

8. Information about lodging: Give details about the place(s) you plan to stay in India during your trip. This may be a confirmation of a hotel reservation or a letter of greeting from a host in India.

9. Paying the fee: Use one of the payment methods on the application portal to pay the visa fee online.

10. Applying: Once you've paid and filled out the online application, send the form electronically. Ensure you receive an email confirmation that includes a reference number.

11. Time to Process: An E-Tourist Visa usually takes a few days. However, it's best to apply before the date you want to travel.

12. Approval of an e-tourist visa: You will get an email with the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) once your application is accepted.

13. When you get to India: To enter India, you must show your passport and ETA at the immigration desk.

Steps to apply for India visa if You Are a Canadian with Continental Immigration

Consultation: To talk about your visa consultants with a knowledgeable visa expert, schedule an appointment. We recommend the most suitable visa type for your journey and ensure that it meets your requirements.

Help with Documentation: Our team helps you get the documents you need, like a valid passport, photos, proof of your trip plans, hotel reservations, financial statements, and a fully filled-out visa application form.

Submission of the Application: We will ensure that your visa application satisfies all requirements before submitting it. Our careful method reduces the likelihood of delays or problems with your visa's processing.

Status Checks: You can expect regular updates from our team concerning the progress of your application. To put your mind at ease, we assure you that we will keep you apprised of developments at all times.

When we handle your E-Tourist Visa needs at Continental Immigration, we put accuracy and speed first. Our online application platform is easy for anyone to use, and we offer personalised help to meet the particular needs of Canadian citizens. We make it easy to apply for a visa, whether you want to visit India for its rich culture, historical sites, or beautiful landscapes.

We are committed to more than just getting you a visa; we want to be your trusted Indian visa consultant. Our careful method makes it less likely that there will be delays or problems from the first consultation to submitting documents and beyond. As your Indian visa expert, we help you through the whole process and make sure that your application is correct and successful.

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