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About 170 countries, including India, allow its citizens to enter and stay in Hong Kong for up to 14 days without a visa or special permission. Indian citizens who want to visit the HKSAR visa-free must first complete the Hong Kong Pre-arrival registration (PAR) application online.

Hong Kong Pre-Arrival Registration (PAR)

As of January 23, 2017, all Indian citizens who want to enter Hong Kong without a visa must apply for Pre-arrival Registration (PAR) unless they fall into one of the relief groups. A person who successfully registers can go to Hong Kong without a visa as often as they want during the PAR's validity period and can stay up to 14 days each time.

What is the validity of a Hong Kong tourist visa for Indians?

Registration prior to arrival is valid for six months. The tourist visa is typically valid for six months, but this can be confirmed by examining the visa stamp.

You can only remain in Hong Kong for fourteen days if you register in advance. The maximum stay permitted on a regular tourist visa to Hong Kong is 30 days.

Hong Kong tourist visa for Indian fees

If an applicant is not granted a PAR, they will be required to immediately apply for a valid VISA with the assistance of the Hong Kong Immigration Department. The visa cost is 190 Hong Kong dollars per passport, which must be paid using a bank draft.

How soon will my Hong Kong visit visa for Indian application be processed?

The application for the Hong Kong PAR is processed, and you will receive an update within 24 hours. You will receive a PAR notification card, an approval copy sent by Hong Kong Immigration following approval. You should carry an A4 copy of it with you on your vacation.

Contacting us is the most straightforward option for requesting a Hong Kong Pre-arrival Registration. Continental immigration has years of experience in the tourist industry, making us experts. We guarantee that every time you utilize our service, you will have a fantastic time because of our professionalism, extensive knowledge, and honesty. Please submit your question, and our Expert will contact you to discuss your specific visa requirements.

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