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Hong Kong is the ultimate immigration destination for Indians indulged in financial sector, capital market or any other businesses. Hong Kong is rightly termed as the centre of finance of South Asia and is governed by China. Apart from having scenic natural and artificial beauty, which mesmerizes the travellers from across the globe, Hong Kong also has too much to offer for every section of society. In the past few years, Hong Kong has become extremely popular destination among Indians who go there for permanent residency and for long term projects. The area offers high income to finance professionals and other sections too.

Indians also prefer Hong Kong due to its nearness to the nation. Hong Kong immigration is also way simpler than any other European or western world nation due to closeness of the two nations. Putting politics away, India and China have always been strategic partners and their corporate worlds are interdependent on each other. Chinese government has been extremely fair in granting visas and permanent residencies to Indians in Hong Kong.

High skilled applicants and wealthy investors hardly find any difficulties in going through statutory compliances of the Hong Kong immigration process. Besides that, thanks to the immigration agents like us, even for a middle class aspirant, the dream to reach Hong Kong is never far from reality.

As your agents, we can assist you in several manners. First of all, General Points Test (GPT) is taken by their government, which is not different from the tests taken by Australian and British governments. We prepare our clients for such tests. These days, to restrict the number of illegal immigrants in the nation, the government has restricted the number of visas to 1000 per year. In such case, importance of having experienced professionals who have enormous experience in this field is really crucial.


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