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Most international students consider the USA their ideal study abroad destination, and to enrol in a program there, they must first obtain an F1 US Student Visa. Getting an F1 U visa is simple but takes a long time. First, candidates must complete the I-20 application form, pay the $350 SEVIS fee (29,000 INR), and then schedule an appointment with the Embassy. Visa Slot for F1 Visa interviews must be scheduled in advance of approval.

Visa fees for students in the USA

You must pay several fees before you can obtain the desired F-1 student visa.

First, you must pay the $350 SEVIS application fee. Additionally, the visa application fee will vary depending on where you submit. Indian students currently pay $160 in US visa fees, nearly INR 13,146. But don't worry; the US government website will tell you exactly how much you need to pay.

Documents required at the time of F1 visa appointment

To apply for your F-1 Visa application, you'll need to provide a set of documents. Your passport number, the date your visa application fees were paid, and the 10-digit barcode number on your DS-160 confirmation document are all required when making an appointment at a VAC (Visa Application Center).

Required documents on the day of your F1 visa appointment

Bring your passport, the sheet that confirms your DS-160 application, and the page that confirms your appointment with the VAC on the day of your appointment. Your passport should be valid at least six months after your departure date for the United States.

The necessary documentation for the book F1 visa appointment India

You should also bring the original receipt for the visa application fee, a photo ID no more than six months old, your current and previous passports, and a printed copy of your appointment letter when you go in for your visa interview.

In addition, if you have previously been denied a US visa, you must submit a new Non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form.

All applicants need to know that the registration fees are non-refundable. So, they must have all the papers they need, fill out each form carefully, and make sure there are no mistakes. In addition, a restriction is placed on the frequency of changing interview dates. So, try to avoid the changing process as much as possible since it will make the Visa take longer to arrive.

However, you may breeze through the US F-1 visa application procedure with the right preparation. Remember to schedule your appointment in advance, organize your documents, and be prepared to discuss your academic objectives and financial situation.

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