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An F1 visa is awarded to foreign students who are enrolled in academic or English language programs at US colleges or universities. Most individuals applying for F1 visas must book an F1 visa appointment Mumbai for an interview at the US Embassy or Consulate General.

F1 visa appointment Booking

You can schedule an appointment at the US embassy using your barcode and fee receipt. Once you have prepared your US student visa interview, you must reserve an F1 visa booking slot for the VAC (biometrics: fingerprint and photo) at least one day beforehand.

You only need to pay the Visa cost to schedule an appointment for an F1 Visa with the US Consulate in Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, or Mumbai. After paying the Visa, you will receive a bank receipt with a barcode. After two days of receiving payment, the barcode number will become active.

Schedule US F1 Visa Appointment

You must appear at the F1 US student visa interview after making your f1 visa appointment and finishing your biometrics. You must participate in an interview to establish your suitability for an F1 student visa. You should bring all necessary receipts and documentation to the interview, and you should be ready to discuss why you chose to study in the US when it comes to answering personal questions.

The personal interview for a US student visa involves questions about your plans to study there as well as your academic history, financial capacity, and other factors.

Supporting Documents for F1 visa appointment

The following data and papers are necessary to arrange your nonimmigrant F1 visa slot booking:

  • A passport with a validity date that is at least six months more than the anticipated length of your stay and can be used to enter the United States. Everyone who needs a visa, including those listed in your passport, must submit an application.
  • A copy of the payment receipt for your visa application.
  • Your DS-160 acknowledgement page
  • Your e-mail address.
  • If necessary, the documents are based on the visa class.

Although nonimmigrant visa fees are valid for a year from the date of payment or according to the Visa Fee Validity Extension guidance in effect due to the suspension of routine visa services, keep in mind that there is a cap on the number of appointments a candidate can make with a single fee receipt.

Applicants can make only three appointments without incurring a fee. If you miss or miss your third appointment, you will only be permitted to make another appointment after a 90-day waiting period. Please organize your visa application appropriately to minimize issues getting an interview appointment.

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