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China's history encompasses more than 5,000 years. It has numerous well-known historical and cultural sites, stunning natural attractions, imperial palaces, and natural marvels annually, attracting millions of visitors.

This country is replete with delectable experiences and opportunities for sight-seeing, whether you want to voyage through the Yangtze Gorges on a luxurious cruise ship, visit a vibrant metropolis, or seek the serenity of an ancient temple.

Entry into China requires possession of a valid visitor's visa. The visa's validity period is 90 days. This visa permits thirty days of stay in the country. Indian nationals must submit their applications through the Chinese Visa Application Service Centre, also known as CVASC.

China Tourist visa requirements

· Passport

· Two-colour passport photographs

· Originals of expired passports and visas

· Specifics of your itinerary

· A copy of your signed, completed online visa application

· Proof of hotel bookings, transportation bookings

· A supplemental letter from the 'primary applicant' or company describing the purpose of the trip and length of stay.

· Financial report covering the last three months.

· Decline in wages over the previous six months

· Money Proof for stay

· Travel Insurance

· Returns for the preceding three years

China Visa Application Process

Visa applicants must provide accurate information on the application and provide a passport-sized picture. A valid passport with at least six months left on its expiration date and at least two blank visa pages are necessary.

A visa applicant may employ the services of a travel agency to submit their application. Applications submitted via courier or mail will be denied.

The visa application process typically requires four business days. Urgent Service incurs supplemental fees.

The applications of applicants whose forms include fraudulent information or who submit applications that are incomplete will be rejected.

Processing time for China visit visa from India

A visa typically takes three to five days to execute. Extra fees will be added to requests for quick handling. If people give false information or application forms that aren't complete, their requests may be turned down.

If I just want to stay in China for a few days, what kind of visa do I need?

Usually, you must apply for a Tourist Visa 'L' for touring or tours or for visiting family and friends.

Most people who want to visit China need a China tourist visa, also called an L visa. This lets them move easily as tourists in most places of China if they need to meet China's visa-free rules. To apply, you need a passport, an application form, and either a letter of call from China or a paper with the schedule.

Can I extend my China tourist visa for Indian?

If you have an emergency that requires you to stay in China for longer than the length of time permitted by your tourist visa, you may submit an application for an extension to the local Exit and Entry Administration of China seven days before the expiration of your L visa. You will need to provide your passport, a visa application form with a colour picture taken within the last six months attached to it, evidence that you have temporary housing, and a trip itinerary. If your application is approved, you may receive a visa extension that does not exceed the original length of your stay.

When is the optimal time to submit a tourist visa for China from India application?

It is best for you to sign up for a China tourist visa one month before you want to go there. The Chinese government says that you shouldn't send in an application three months before you plan to enter the country.

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