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A visa is required for every Indian traveling to China. A China tourist visa is a document issued in China to potential travelers. Since there are various kinds of Chinese visas, you should know why you're visiting and the type of visa you'll need. These can range from wanting to pass through China to deciding to reside there permanently. Before applying, it's critical to understand which one applies to your situation.

The following are the primary categories of visas offered:

China business visa from India

The Chinese government provides visitors with the China Business visa, often known as a trade visa if they are there for business-related travel. China uses specific alphabets to symbolize its various visas. The business visa is regarded as an "M" visa. Most people can apply for a business visa to China online. The Chinese government has not made any provisions for the procedure to be used online, thus a candidate must fill out the form manually.

China tourist visa for Indian Citizens

China's government issues travelers traveling there for tourism purposes with a short-stay visa. The Chinese government refers to this visa as an "L" category visa. The typical China tourist visa is issued as a single entry document with a 30-day stay limit.

China student visa

A student visa for China is one visa that enables an international student to take advantage of China's extensive educational system. Chinese student visas are also referred to as X visas. The student visa is valid for those who wish to study or conduct fieldwork in China.

China work visa for Indian Citizens

Having a China work visa allows you to travel to China for a set period and work legally there. It is given to foreigners traveling to China for a paid employment offer or participating in commercial entertainment performances. It is also known as a Z visa.

China visit visa for Indian Citizens

To enter China, you will need to have a visitor visa, designated as an F visa. Visitors to China can apply for an "F" visa for cultural, medical, study abroad, or other purposes. You can enter China only once with a single entry visa.

Visa application for China

The procedures for requesting a China visa are detailed here

  • The candidate may go to the Chinese Embassy's website. Download the visa application forms. Make sure to pay attention to every detail.
  • Verify whether the application form's needed supporting documents have been submitted.
  • Gather and upload each document. Remember that you will be submitting the original documents
  • Schedule an appointment time at the Embassy or center for visa applications.
  • As per the website's instructions, pay the visa fees.
  • The applicant must go to the Embassy on the interview date.
  • Follow the officials' instructions and complete the biometric exam.

Your passport can be picked up regardless of whether or not your visa was approved

Requirements to apply for China visa

  • Passport- Several documents are needed to apply for a visa to travel to China. A passport is the most crucial document that is required. This needs to be valid for up to six months after the person departs China and has two blank visa pages.

  • Application form and photograph - You must submit a completed visa application form with a current photo to apply. There must be color in this picture. The guidelines also state that the head shouldn't be hidden in the image. You must provide official documentation of your name change if you have changed it.

  • Proof of legal stay - If non-Indian citizens apply from India to travel to China, they must show documentation proving their right to remain in India. You can enter with a valid Indian visa or residence permit. More information is needed if the person mentioned above is only in India on a temporary visa.

  • Previous Chinese Passports or Visas - If a person formerly held Chinese citizenship but later relinquished it to gain citizenship in another country, they must show photocopies of their previous Chinese passport. If you previously obtained a visa but now have a new passport without a Chinese visa, you must show a photocopy of your former visa.

Although each type of visa has unique requirements, all visa categories share the documents mentioned above. False information submitted with a visa application will instantly disqualify the applicant, as is the case with all visa applications.

You must either personally apply to the application center to apply for the visa or give permission for someone else to do so on your behalf. Additionally, the application must be submitted at least one month beforehand. Further, scheduling a time to apply is advised.

Now you can obtain your China visa in Delhi. Before you apply, it's essential to determine what kind of China visa Delhi is best for you. At least four days are anticipated to be needed to complete the China visa application process.

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