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You must get a Greece visa for Indian before going to Greece. The Schengen Visa, another name for this visa, lets you travel and do business in the Schengen area. You'll need a different kind of visa if your trip is for something other than work or tourism. Indians can visit Greece for up to 90 days every 180 days with a valid visa.

How to Get a Greece Visa for Indian Tourist?

· Collect the necessary documentation to complete a Greece tourist visa process.

· Complete the application form either through download (offline) or online submission.

· Book an appointment using online platforms, phone services, or directly at the embassy or Visa Application Center (VAC).

· Appear at the scheduled appointment with the completed form, all required documents, and the appropriate Greece visa fees for Indian.

· Biometrics must be submitted at the scheduled appointment.

· If necessary, participate in a consular examination in person or through Skype.

· Assure the details of the submission and await visa processing.

· Passport and visa should be collected upon visa approval.

Why Should You Use Continental Immigration's Schengen Visa Service?

Expert Advice:When applying for a visa, get help and advice from experts.

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Customised Advice:Get visa advice tailored to your unique travel plans.

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How can I schedule an appointment for an Indian visa application to Greece?

Setting up a meeting to apply for a Greece visa is a big part of the process. To do this, go to the website of the Embassy of Greece and take the steps there. For a smooth meeting, ensure you have everything you need, like your passport, photos, and proof of your income.

Can I visit certain Schengen countries from India if I have a visa for Greece?

Yes, you can go to any Schengen country with your Greece visa. During the application process, list the places you want to visit.

What is the fastest method to obtain a visa for Greece?

Contacting Continental Immigration is the best way to apply for a visa in Greece. We know much about travel and tourism because we've been doing it for over years. We promise to give our customers a great experience every time they use our service through our skill, extensive knowledge, and honesty.

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