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As a visitor, you need to be aware of Greece's tourist visa requirements if you want to visit this southern European country. The country's long, sandy beaches and several islands make it a tourist hotspot. Get a Greece tourist visa to visit and stay a short period in Greece.

A 90-day short-term visa is required for entry into Greece. It is also known as the Schengen visa, a short-term visa. Having a Schengen visa grants you the freedom to travel all through the Schengen countries without restriction. It is no longer important to gain a visa for Greece and the other 26 Schengen countries in order to fly to and stay in Greece.. Here we describe some details regarding applying for a Greece tourist visa. Also, you can connect with Continental Immigration professionals for any doubts regarding visa.

When Should I Apply For a Greece Tourist Visa?

It is recommended that you begin the application procedure for your Greece tourist visa from India at least two months before your anticipated date of departure to avoid being caught off guard by last-minute complications. Although it is typical to wait at least 14 calendar days to process a Schengen Visa Application for Greece, processing times for Portuguese Schengen Visas have reached as high as 60 days in some severe circumstances.

How Much Is the Greece Visit Visa for Indian Fee

The fees for a Greece Tourist visa 2022 are determined by the person's nationality seeking the visa. As a result, citizens of India will be required to pay a higher tax rate than nationals of South Africa. Consequently, we recommend that you contact Continental Immigration to find out exactly what the Schengen Visa Fee would be before proceeding.

Moreover, we've put together an average fee for a Schengen visa, and also most applicants should expect to have to pay the following amounts:

The cost for adults is €80.

Children between the ages of 6 and 12 pay €40.

Kids under six years old are admitted free.

Fees are subject to change, and we recommend that you contact the Continental Immigration team to confirm the precise amount.

What Are the Image Requirements for a Greece Visa?

The photo criteria for a Greece visit visa from India are set by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines

  • Two photographs
  • Photographic size: 35x45mm (2 in x 2 in).
  • It's in color. There will be no black and white.
  • A white background is used.

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