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Visa stamp is an inked impression in a passport made by rubberstamp upon entering or walking out a country. Visa stamps may sporadically take the form of sticker stamps. The visa stamp on your passport shows the period during which you may enter the host country.

H1B visa stamping in the passport is required for a foreign nationalized to enter/re-enter. Visa stamped on your passport is the sanction to take an entrance to host country. The visa stamp placed in your passport shows the period during which you may take an entry. If the date on the visa stamp expires it need not be renewed until after you leave the country and wish to return again, you must acquire a valid visa document at all times in order to maintain your legal status throughout your entire stay. In order to get visa stamped, a list of documents must be submits that includes a completed and signed non-immigration visa application form, valid passport of applicants.

It is necessary to extend the validity period before your interview date, if passport expires within 6 months. Continental immigration offers Visa stamping services to make the process of attaining visa hassle free. Our best Visa stamp consultant in Delhi provide clear and practical solutions to apply for visa. Moreover, we also have in-depth knowledge of all the essential official procedure and offer our clients with proper guidance to provide Visa. The visa stamp displays the port of entry, date of arrival and visa type.

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