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Vietnam is recognized for its gorgeous beaches, rivers, museums, and Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia. Trekking is famous in the Sapa Mountains and Cuc Phuong National Park, especially in the Sapa Mountains, which have prehistoric land. You should see the Emperor Jade Pagoda and the Hoi Truong Thong Nhat palace. Each year, Vietnam welcomes many tourists coming from countries all over the globe. Vietnam's numerous landscapes provide travelers an exciting holiday thanks to the country's rich cultural heritage, history, and natural beauty. Read on if you are an Indian citizen who plans on visiting Vietnam.

Enter and remain in Vietnam within a short time using Visas for tourists! A single-entry visa is usually issued for one month (maximum stay in Vietnam for one month). After your arrival, you may extend your Vietnam tourist visa for 30 days. A three-month multiple-entry visa is required if you want to stay for more than a month in Vietnam or if you plan to move to Vietnam and return, for example, to Cambodia, Laos, or China. You have come to the correct site if you're looking for Vietnam visa agents in Delhi.

Vietnam Tourist Visa From India

These documents are required to get a Vietnam tourist visa for Indians.

  • An Indian passport is still valid for at least six months after traveling to Vietnam. You want at least two blank pages for the visa stamp in your passport.
  • Two photos the size of a passport.
  • If you want to get a visa when you get there, you also need to bring the following documents.
  • Forms for the visa on arrival have been appropriately filled out. It is sometimes called an M3 form.
  • A correct letter of approval lets you get the visa when you arrive at Vietnam's airport.
  • You must also charge the stamping fee in cash if you get a visa when you arrive. Remember that this payment needs to be made in Vietnamese Dong, which is the country's official currency.
  • Now that you know what Indian citizens need to do to get a Vietnam visa, look at the entire application process.

Easy steps to get a Vietnam tourist visa from India

Continental Immigration has helped more than a million people realize their travel dreams. We offer a Vietnam Visa Facilitation service that is quick, easy, and of high quality. For all of your Vietnam visa application needs, we are here. Our travel visa experts are highly knowledgeable and dedicated.

Throughout the application procedure for your visa, you will be working with a visa expert.

To get a Vietnam visa with Continental Immigration, these are the steps:

Step 1: Tell our Visa Expert about your trip and get answers to all of your questions.

Step 2: Pay the fee for your Vietnam visa and upload all of your documents online.

Step 3: Our Visa Experts will carefully check and look over your documents and send them online.

Step 4: Once verified, you will obtain your e-visa.

Do Indian residents need a Vietnam visa?

Yes, Indian citizens are required to have a visa that is currently valid to enter Vietnam. However, if they intend to enter the nation, Indian citizens can obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport if they wish to do so.

Is it possible for Indian citizens to enter Vietnam without a visa or a visa obtained upon arrival?

Visas can be obtained upon arrival in Vietnam for Indian citizens traveling there. This visa upon arrival in Vietnam is suitable for thirty days beginning on the day of admission into the country.

Applicants for this visa must first apply online, receive an acceptance letter, and then collect the visa upon arriving in Vietnam.

Why visit Vietnam

Vietnam is a great place to visit for many reasons. Below are some of the reasons:

  • As far as cities and villages go, you'll find kind and welcoming people.
  • An extensive past
  • Southeast Asia has some ancient cultures.
  • Multiplex marketplaces, like Han Market in Da Nang
  • Natural beauty
  • Many exciting things to do
  • Low price for each experience
  • The nation is located in the center of Southeast Asia and has a significant land transportation network.
  • Vietnam is a great place to visit because it has excellent food, especially street food, ancient buildings, and beautiful natural sights. Vietnam has something for every traveler.
How can Continental Immigration be of use to you?
  • Assist you with the required documentation.
  • You'll be advised of the funds you'll need to present.
  • Reply to the questionnaires.
  • Ensure you have all the paperwork you need to apply for a visa.
To enter Vietnam, how does one go about getting a visa?

The person who wants a visa must fill out an online form to get a visa acceptance letter and official permission to board the plane. The visa must also be stamped at the airport where the person arrives in Vietnam. "If you want to visit Vietnam on a tourist visa, you'll need an acceptance letter from Vietnam, a good passport for at least six months, two photos of the size of a passport, and an application for a Vietnamese visa. Visas that embassies issue are not the same as visas that may be obtained at airports. Upon arrival in Vietnam, you will have the option of seeking a visa. You will get a letter from the Immigration Department stating that you are permitted to enter the nation on a particular date. This will be sent to the address you provided when you applied. When you enter Vietnam, immigration officials will affix a visa stamp to your passport. If you travel to a Vietnamese embassy, you can get a stamp put in your passport and have your visa mailed to you instead of picking it up in person.

What's the difference between a visa that only lets you in once and one that lets you in more than once?

You are only permitted ONE entrance into Vietnam during the validity of your visa. Your visa will immediately expire once you depart Vietnam. You must apply for a visa with multiple entries to return.

Multiple entries - You may enter and depart Vietnam as often as you wish throughout the validity of your visa.

To visit Vietnam, should I apply for a visa upon arrival or an e-Visa?

Depends upon your travel arrangements. You can apply for an e-Visa if you only want to visit Vietnam once (called a "single entry") within 30 days that the visa is valid.

But if you want to stay longer than 30 days or visit Vietnam more than once, you can get a visa when you get there.

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