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Millions of people from all over the world, including many from India, visit the United States every year. However, as many Indians are aware, applying for a visa is neither simple nor easy.

Indian Eligibility Requirements for A US Tourist Visa

Once you know the differences between the types of tourist cards , it should be easy to figure out which one you need to apply for. Anyone who wants to visit the US can apply for a US vacation visa in India, but you need to know if you meet the requirements:

• You have a good reason or goal for coming to the US.

• You must have plans to return to the country.

• You only intend to spend a limited quantity of time in the US.

• You must have strong links to India, which is your home country.

• You have enough money.

• You can only do things that the visa you want to apply for lets you do.

• You must possess all the necessary documents for an Indian tourist visa to the United States.

• Fake or forged documents cannot be provided to Indians seeking US tourist permits.

• You will only get the visa if you have the right papers.

US tourist visa from India requirements

You need to make a list of the requirements for a US tourist visa that you will need for your online visa application and your US visa interview. For your US tourist visa application, you need to have these:

• The barcoded approval page of the DS 160 visa application form for the United States.

• Social media sites and their usernames, phone numbers, email address, and a five-year history on social media.

• Exiting the country requires a valid passport.

• Payment evidence for the visa

• Digital copies of your photos that are passport-size and meet the picture standards.

• Proof that your interview date has been set.

• Passport photograph.

• Evidence of sufficient funds, such as bank documents, with at least US$266 per day of intended stay.

• A copy of your PAN or Aadhaar card, if required.

How long can Indians stay in the US on a tourist visa?

Visa applicants may be given a US tourist visa that is good for up to ten years.

However, not all visas are issued to each applicant with the same validity duration. The visa stamp in your passport will prove your visa's validity.

What is the length of your stay?

A single-entry or multiple-entry visa may allow the holder to remain in the US for up to 180 days.

What is the processing time for us to visit visas from India?

Assuming a seamless process, the embassy will typically require between 3 and 5 days to execute a US leisure visa application from India. After approximately 10 days, you will receive it.

Can I get their use visit visa from India to last longer?

Indian people can get a vacation visa to visit the US for up to six months. But if you want to stay in the US longer than your visa allows, you can ask for a visa extension. At least 45 days prior to the expiration of your current visa, you must submit a request to extend it.

What Type of Visa Do US Tourists Need to Visit the Country? B1 or B2?

B2 visitor visas are what are used for vacations in the US. Tourists, those seeking medical care, and those planning to visit friends and family in the United States are the target audience for the B2 visa . Conversely, the B1 visa is designed for business visitors to the United States.

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