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Most non-U.S. citizens must attend an interview to get their visa approved. To get a non-immigrant visa, like a tourist visa, you must set up and go to a visa interview.

Before we get into the facts, keep in mind the following:

· The first thing you should know about schedule US visa appointment in Mumbai is that when you ask for a non-immigrant visa, the US government treats you like a possible immigrant and interviews you as such.

· The person who wants a visa must show that they won't return to their home country and convince the consular worker that they won't.

· You must show the federal officer that you don't plan to stay longer than the time allowed on your guest visa.

What Supporting Documents Do I Need for A B1 B2 visa Appointment Mumbai?

After making an appointment for the visa interview and getting a biometric and medical test, you must prepare for the interview. You must be ready for the Mumbai visa appointment and bring all the necessary papers.

At your US visa appointment Mumbai, you must bring the following documents:

• A current passport (the same one you used to apply for).

• Your email address.

• The payment record number for the visa fee.

• If needed, a letter of invitation from the US.

• Original and copy of the birth certificate.

• This page validates the DS-160 form.

• Other documents to support your application based on the type of visa you seek.

Keep in mind that the papers above are just the beginning. The paperwork you need to submit may vary from visa to visa. You should verify the specific requirements with the US embassy in your country since they may vary for each visa application. Bring whatever you believe will help you obtain a visa to your interview for a visa.

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Can I reschedule my interview for a US visa?

Because of wait times and availability, applicants typically do not reschedule their US visa interviews. Nonetheless, rescheduling the visa interview is common. You must reschedule your visa interview appointment at least three business days in advance.

Do US Visa Interviews Require Medical Exams?

Some non-immigrant visas, visitor visas, and short-term stays do not require a medical check. For example, people from countries with Visa Waiver Programs in the US don't have to get a medical test.

But let's say you want an immigrant or visa for a long time. If that's the case, you'll have to get a medical check from a licensed doctor in the county where you're applying.

You should always check what you need to do to get a visa, whether or not a medical exam is needed for the type of visa you want.

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