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You must schedule an appointment for fingerprinting before scheduling your visa interview. After paying for the visa online, you need to make an appointment in India to get your fingerprints taken.

After you pay, you will be called to see if you are eligible for a fingerprint session. If you don't hear from them or don't qualify for a fingerprint interview, you must make an US visa appointment Delhi .

What documents must I bring to their b1 b2 visa appointment India?

After setting an appointment for a US visa and going through the biometrics interview, you must prepare for your real visa interview.

· A legitimate passport (the same one used to apply).

· Your email address.

· The number on the payment record for the fee for applying for a visa.

· Students' educational documentation, such as report cards or enrolment verification

· The DS-160 confirmation page.

· Employment verification, such as pay records, is required.

· The email address from the Form DS-260 Application for an Immigrant Visa confirmation page.

· Your record must show you've never been found guilty of a crime.

· Your genuine birth certificate and a replica of the document.

· Sending a letter explaining why you are coming can be helpful.

· You may need to send in more supporting documents depending on the visa type you requested.

· US invitation letter, if appropriate.

· You can show that you have strong ties to and want to return to your home country by showing things like a job contract, a lease, or a property deed.

· If you want to go to a high school or college graduation, you need a letter from the school or college.

· Proof that you are going to the event, like paid-in-full tickets

· If you have been to the United States, you can show proof of your previous trip or copies of your visas.

What Occurs During the OFC Appointment?

You must get to the OFC early for your meeting because you can only get in 30 minutes before it.

After gaining access, you will be granted a permit to use while waiting in the queue. Once inside the office, your papers will be checked, and your DS-16 proof form will be signed.

You will be led to one of the vacant counters when it is your turn. Here, you will present your identification documents and have your biometrics captured.

Does India have an OFC appointment fee?

No, visa fees are associated with the OFC appointment, as the appointment must be made with the US visa interview.

In addition, the US visa fee will cover all costs associated with appointments and visa processing.

Does the US visa interview happen when you go to the OFC?

No, the interview for a US visa doesn't happen at the OFC meetings. So, you must set up two separate times for the fingerprint and real visa interviews.

Only your fingerprints and a picture of you will be taken at the OFC meeting. This picture will be on your US visa if it is accepted.

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