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Generally, if you require a US visa entry on your passport, you must register for Biometrics and US Visa Interview appointments. However, biometrics are not required when applying for a US Visa renewal; only documents are required. You may just go into any US Visa Application Center (VAC) and drop off your paperwork without needing an appointment until September 2019. Starting in September 2019, this was changed.

In September 2019, US consulates in India started offering the Interview Waiver service, commonly known as Dropbox, for booking US visa stamping appointments.

Dropbox Eligibility Requirements

With the implementation of appointment scheduling, neither the exemption from the US visa interview nor the Dropbox option has changed. None of the required documents have changed. As before, you must continue to submit all required documentation.

Your visa must be legitimate or have expired within the past 12 months to register for Dropbox. However, due to COVID-19, the US Department of State has extended the 12 to 48 months. Additionally, some may be eligible for Dropbox stamping, even if older than 48 months, if they satisfy specific criteria by the end of 2022.

Dropbox requires a Biometrics (OFC) Appointment.

If you want a US visa but don't want to be fingerprinted or photographed, you may use the Dropbox or Interview waiver instead of making an appointment at an OFC or VAC. However, when attempting to schedule an appointment, the online system displays "Schedule OFC Appointment", which can be perplexing because the same message is displayed when scheduling a Biometrics appointment.

The language that says "Schedule OFC appointment" might seem confusing on the page you use to register for your appointment, but it does have a function. To send off your paperwork for a US Visa at an Offsite Facilitation Center (OFC), the Visa appointment system requires that you make an appointment. Because of this, you shouldn't confuse the text with the OFC at the top.

Also, do not be misled if the selection menu on the same screen displays 'VAC' instead of 'IW'.

With the New Dropbox Changes, how long will it take me to determine if my visa will be stamped?

You will most likely find out if your visa will be stamped within 7 to 10 business days from when you drop off your papers.

What happens if I miss my US Visa locker appointment? Can I create another?

Yes, the date and time can be altered. After 24 hours, they'll mark your ticket as used, and you'll be able to change the date and print a new proof letter for dropping off the papers.

What option do I choose for Drop off Appointment? Can I choose the Date and Time?

You choose the drop-off location, date, and time for the appointment. You must report to the Consulate/VAC at the specified date and time.

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