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The Oriental Republic of Uruguay is a country in South America. It is in the very southeast end of the continent. About 3.45 million people make their homes in its 176,215 km2 of land. They are concentrated in the greater Montevideo region, which includes the capital and biggest city of Uruguay.

Uruguay Visa for Indian Application Process

To get a Uruguay visa, you must go through a few steps. Once you have all the necessary papers, you should make an appointment with the Uruguayan embassy, consulate like Continental immigration, or visa services office in your home country or the one closest to your home.

You can send the papers by mail before your appointment, or you can bring them with you on the day of your meeting.

Uruguay visa for Indian citizens Fee

Visa fees for Uruguay vary based on the applicant's nationality. At the same time, most foreign nationals requiring a Uruguay visa must pay $42.00, and many others.

There is, however, a $31 international departure tax for all air travellers departing the country.

When applying for a Uruguay tourist visa, how long does the process typically take?

Responding to a Uruguay visa application can take up to 14 working days. But sometimes, this time frame can be 20 working days.

Uruguay Visa Validity

Some Uruguayan visas may be valid for just 30 days, while others may be valid for up to 90 days.

Uruguay tourist visa for Indian citizens Extension

You may extend your Uruguayan business or tourist visa for three months. You must register for the extension while your current visa remains valid at the immigration facilities.

If you hold a visa that requires you to file for a residence permit, such as a work or student visa, you must apply within the first 30 days of your arrival in Uruguay.

Is Uruguay a Safe Country to Visit?

The best country in South America is Uruguay. It has a safe economy and government, and the crime rate is very low. Taxis and other forms of transportation are very safe, and the chance of being pickpocketed is not a big deal.

Solo tourists and women are very safe in the country but should still avoid empty, dark streets at night.

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