Get All Required Details of Turkey Business Visa From India

Business and commerce have been prevalent in Turkey for a very long time. Turkey was situated along the renowned Silk Road and several other main trade routes. As one of the world's most developed countries, the Turkey business visa has been widely utilized by businesspeople travelling to the country for business-related activities.

People with a business visa can go to Turkey and participate in business meetings, conferences, seminars, talks, etc. Many other nationalities can get the visa when they get there. But people from a few countries, like India, must apply for a visa first. As an Indian, you can also get a business e-visa if you have a valid Schengen, US, UK, or Ireland visa or residence card.

Business visa for Turkey from India requirements

· You need to be a legal resident of India at the time of application.

· Visiting for pleasure is not allowed; only travel for work is allowed.

· Your passport's expiration date must be six months or more in the future.

· In order to conduct business in Turkey, you must await a response from a local firm.

Turkey business visa checklist

According to the Turkey business visa rules for people from India, the following documents are needed to apply for a business visa. But remember that the documents you need may differ depending on which Turkish station you go to.

· Complete and notarize the application form.

· Two photographs per the requirements.

· Travel insurance.

· Bank statements as evidence of funds.

· Invitation letter from a Turkish company.

· Evidence of employment.

· Proof of 'intent to return'.

· A letter from the company in India that is sending the package.

· Round-trip airline reservations.

Time to Get a Business Visa for Turkey

Getting a Turkish "sticker" business visa usually takes 12 working days. It can depend on how many people are applying at the embassy or consulate, how many times you've been there, where you've been before, how real your papers are, and so on. So, to avoid problems, you should fill out the application early.

The e-visa type of business pass usually takes only 48 hours to be processed. But because bad things can happen, the ministry asks that you apply at least two days ahead.

Turkey business visa fees

The work permit cost depends on how often you enter the country and the exchange rate. You'll need US dollars to pay for your business e-visa. There might be additional service and shipping costs associated with the sticker visa. So, before you start the application, check the exact amount.

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