Business Visa for South Africa - Know the Requirements, Fees & Process

South Africa is one of the best places for foreign business people because it has a strong infrastructure and a world-class financial sector. You need to get a business visa South Africa to do business there.

South Africa has two types of visas for business

· Business tourist visas for South Africa are available for those traveling on business. Tourist visas allow you to stay for up 90 days in South Africa. You can go to conferences, give training, or do consulting work with this visa. The right to work is added to a visitor's visa if you apply and meet certain conditions.

· A long-stay work visa. With this business visa, valid for three to five years, you can launch or establish a new enterprise in South Africa. Eventually, you can use this visa to get a permanent residence card.

What Do You Need for a South Africa business visa for Indian?

· Form to fill out. Please ensure to correctly fill out the application form DHA-1738 and sign it using only black ink at the end.

· Provide a photocopy of your passport valid for travel for at least 30 days beyond your departure from South Africa. Your passport must have at least two blank pages in order to be valid.

· Photos of people's IDs. Make sure to send in two photos of yourself that meet the size and other rules the South African visa department has set.

· A vaccination record. You must prove you have been vaccinated against yellow fever if you travel through yellow fever zones in Africa or South America.

· Proof of the ability to pay. You must show proof that you have at least R3000 per month, which is about USD 177. You can include your most recent bank records, cash, or traveller's checks.

· Reports on medicine and x-rays. Pregnant women and children under 12 do not need a radiology report.

· Police licence. Each country in which you have lived for, then a year must issue a certificate attesting to your criminal-free status. The certificates cannot be over six months old at the time of issue.

If you are interested in doing business in South Africa but have questions about the application procedure, Continental Immigration consultants would be happy to help.


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