Know All details of Russian Business Visa Requirements & Cost

A Russian Business Visa lets the person who has it enter the Russian Federation and do business-related things there. The Russian Business Visa is good for 90 days and can be used once, twice, or more than once. A visa with more than one trip can be used for up to a year!

Required Documents for Russia Business Visa

The required documents for a Russian visa form the foundation of your application for a Russian business visa. You must pay great attention to each of these documents and acquire them correctly.

You will need the details that follow to apply for a business visa in Russia:

· An invitation from the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation. You should approach your Russian business partner to obtain this invitation from the Russian Ministry of the Interior. Original invitations are required, either electronically or on paper.

· A request from the Russian Federation's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Your Russian business partner has to request this kind of offer from Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ministry will then forward the request to your country's embassy. Your companion must give you the six-digit number on the letter. This number is required when applying for a business visa to Russia.

· An invitation letter from a Russian-based corporation or organization (preferably with headquarters in Russia). Only available to citizens of countries that have formally established visa-application simplification agreements with Russia. The Leader of the Russian Business That Will Be Hosting You must add your signature and date to this letter. It is required that the invitation be printed on official paper from the Russian organization that will be hosting the event. The embassy may insist on seeing it in its original form.

Russian business visa fees for Indian

The cost of getting a visa for Russia depends on several things, such as the applicant's identity, the type of visa, and the number of times they want to enter the country.

How long will it take to get a Russian business visa for Indians?

The average time to get a visa for Russia is 10 days. But the process can take anywhere from three to twenty business days.

The Continental Immigration team will assist in advising you on the requisite documentation, advising the funds that must be demonstrated, completing the application forms, and reviewing your visa application documents.


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