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A Poland family visa is given to spouses, partners, or children under 18 of Polish citizens or permanent residents. Those who get a family reunion visa will get a temporary stay pass for three years, which can be extended.

Who Should Apply for a Poland-dependent Visa to Visit Poland?

If you are not an EU/EEA or Switzerland citizen, you will require a family visa to visit Poland with a family member or to be reunited there.

Poland dependent visa for spouse Processing Time

The Poland-dependent visa for spouse processing period is thirty days. In certain instances, you may be required to wait up to sixty days due to high demand and many applications.

With a Family Visa, How Long May I Stay in Poland?

Polish family reunion temporary residence permits are good for three years. You can apply to extend your family reunion visa as long as you have been given a residence card. The residence card is a paper that proves who you are while you're in Poland.

After living in Poland for four years, you can apply for a permanent residence pass that will let you live there for ten years.

Dependent visa for Poland from India Cost?

The standard visa fees for Poland vary depending on the form of the visa. For a short-term visa, an adult must pay USD 78.65 (PLN 344.64), while children aged 6 to 12 must pay USD 39.33 (PLN 175.4). Also, kids under six and sure students who sign up for the process don't have to pay the application fee. You will also have to pay an extra service fee at the place where you apply for a Schengen visa.

With a Family Visa, am I able to work in Poland?

The residence visa given for family reunions, whether temporary or permanent, enables you to work in any company in Poland. You are permitted to work until the expiration of your work visa.

Can I Study in Poland with a Family Visa?

If your visa for family reunification is valid, you may reside, study, and work in Poland. But you will also need a pass to stay in the country. Ask for a new housing pass before your old one runs out so you can finish your studies.

Can Indian Citizens Get a Visa When They Arrive in Poland?

No, the Schengen country no longer gives cards when you arrive. To travel legally, Indian citizens need to get a valid visa. Send a visa application to the Polish office or consulate closest to you to do this.

This should be done no earlier than 3 months and no late than 3 weeks before departure. If your visa request is denied, you could have problems with money and the law.

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