Poland Business Visa Requirements, Processing Time & Fees

For those who plan to do business in Poland, a Business Visa is needed. With this visa, people travel to Poland for business or to attend an event can do so. But it will only be given to people who meet the conditions. For those who plan to do business in Poland, a Business Visa is needed.

Who Needs a Poland investment visa?

This visa is for people who aren't from countries that don't need visas. If you are going to Poland for business and not from a European country that is part of the European Union or the Schengen area, you need a visa.

Polish Business Visa Categories

Business visas come in three different kinds. The short-stay visa is for short stays and is called the Schengen visa. It lets the user spend up to 90 days in Poland. This visa differs from other business visas because it lets the user go to any Schengen country if the visa is still good.

The C Visa is the other kind. This one is for people who want to spend less than 90 days in Poland. The D visa is for business travellers who want to spend over 90 days in Poland.

Your visa requirements will be determined by your length of stay, purpose for travel and country. If you are in Poland for a week or two, you should get a Type C visa. If you intend to stay longer than 90 days, you will need a Type D. But if your work trips take you to countries other than Poland, you should get a Schengen visa to get into all those countries with one travel document. The same Schengen visa can be used anywhere in the Schengen area, but it won't get you a work pass. You need a work visa if you want to work in Poland.

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