Netherlands Work Permit Visa from India

A Netherlands work visa is required for any stay in the country lasting more than 90 days, including employment.

In most cases, you'll need to get employment and a residence visa in the Netherlands. However, certain visitors to the Netherlands may need a visa or other authorization to remain.

Who Needs a Dutch Work Visa?

These countries may need visas for Dutch travel.

EEA, EU and Swiss citizens can work or live in The Netherlands without a Visa. Let's imagine you're staying in the Netherlands longer than four months.

If that's the case, you'll need to have yourself entered into the national registry of residents and issue a Citizen Service Number.

Work Visa Categories for the Netherlands

Each type of work permit Netherlands has its own rules and requirements.

  1. For a regular job that pays (as an employee)
  2. Let's suppose you are interested in working in the Netherlands as a labour migrant (a regular worker). In such a scenario, if you want to work regularly for money in the Netherlands, you'll require a Work Visa.

  3. For employment on a part-time basis
  4. People who will be doing seasonal work in the agriculture sector in the Netherlands are given a Netherlands work visa for seasonal work. A Dutch work visa for seasonal work can be given for up to 24 weeks.

  5. Intra corporate transfer
  6. Suppose you are relocating from a nation outside the European Union (EU) to a branch of your current employer based in the Netherlands.

  7. For a migrant with many skills
  8. Migrants with many skills are sometimes called "knowledge workers." They are the foreigners who will help the Dutch economy, which is based on knowledge, grow.

  9. Blue Card Europe
  10. The European Blue Card is a kind of work authorization that grants non-EU people the right to live and find employment in any member state of the EU, with the exception of Denmark, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. You will need a work visa and a work permit from the Netherlands even if you have an EU Blue Card that was granted by another country in order to be able to work in the Netherlands.

  11. Preparing highly educated individuals for their first professional year
  12. Imagine that your study visa for the Netherlands has expired after you have finished all of your coursework there. In such situation, you have the option to submit an application for an extra year to look for work. Within the first three years following your degree's conferral, you are eligible to apply for a work visa in the Netherlands for the purpose of gaining professional experience.

  13. Under Directive (EU) 2016/801, this is for researchers.
  14. Directive (EU) 2016/801 says that you must meet the following requirements to work as a researcher in the Netherlands:

    • Have enough college education to be accepted into the doctoral program.
    • The IND has approved the Dutch research centre, where you will do your research as a sponsor.
    • The institution has blessed the research project on which you will work.
    • You have a contract with a research institution to work there and be a host.
    • You will get enough money each month from your job or a grant or sponsor.
  15. For people who work for themselves, freelancers, and business owners
  16. Imagine you want to launch your own company or become a freelancer in the Netherlands while you continue your life there. In such situation, you are able to submit an application for a self-employment work visa in the Netherlands.

    Self-employed people who want to work in the Netherlands must meet stricter requirements than those for other types of work visas. You are need to fulfill a number of prerequisites, and moreover, your circumstances will determine whether or not you are eligible for a "startup" visa for the Netherlands

Information for Indian Citizens Seeking Employment in the Netherlands

Applying for a Netherlands work permit visa depends on your country and the type of work you will perform.

You will need a resident visa as well as a separate work permit in order to continue your stay in the Netherlands and be eligible for employment opportunities there. On the other hand, some people are eligible to submit an application for a Single Permit, which merges the two permits into a single document. A GVVA is a name given to this kind of award, and its duration may range anywhere from one to three years.

How Can Continuous Immigration Help You Get A Netherlands Skilled Worker Visa?

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