Netherlands Startup Visa for Indians or Netherlands Business Visa

A business visa application is necessary for those who wish to conduct business in the Netherlands. With this visa, a professional can go to the Netherlands to do business-related things like attend business meetings, look for work, or meet with partners.

The Netherlands' business visa is the same as the Schengen visa for entering the country. With a valid visa for the Schengen region, a person can spend up to 90 days every six months travelling across the Schengen area, including the Netherlands. It is sometimes called a C visa or a visa for short stays.

Documents required for Netherlands Business visa

· A passport.

· 2 passport-size photos.

· Visa application form filled out.

· A cover letter from your employer, in the event that you will be conducting business in the Netherlands on their behalf.

· A contract of travel insurance worth 30,000 pounds.

· You will meet a company, and they will send you a letter with their address and your visit dates.

· Proof that the companies have done business together in the past.

· The last six months' bank statement.

· A letter from your boss permitting you to travel to work.

· The company's policy on covering expenses must be clear in the invitation or letter.

Apply for a Netherlands business visa from India

· Determine where the registration should be sent.

· Know the optimal time to enrol.

· Schedule the appointment.

· Compile the source document.

· Attend the meeting.

· Pay for the visa.

Netherlands business visa processing time

The time it takes to get a business visa for the Netherlands might range from 15 to 30 business days. It could take more or less time depending on what's going on. So, talk to the person in charge of taking care of your application.

But you can only apply for a Netherlands visa up to 15 business days before your trip. The earliest you can do this is three months before.

How can continental immigration help you?

· Tell you what documents you'll need for the visa.

· Tell you how you need to show that you have the money for the visa.

· Finish the process of applying

· Review the papers you need to apply for a visa.

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