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Luxembourg is Europe's smallest and richest nation. Consequently, thousands of people tour this European country annually. If you wish to explore this minuscule nation, you may be required to obtain a Luxembourg visa. The Luxembourg Schengen visa holder move around quickly in the Schengen Area of the European Union for up to 90 days out of every 180 days.

Luxembourg Tourist Visa Requirements

To get a Luxembourg visa from India, you must bring the following documents to the Luxembourg embassy or consulate in your home country:

· A legal passport with at least three months validity. Include a photocopy of any visas previously obtained, if applicable.

· Flight schedule.

· Two photographs by Schengen's photo requirements. Your passport photos must be sized, worn against a white background, and coloured.

· Bank statements.

· Visa application for Schengen. Complete the application form online, then print and sign a physical copy. Ensure that your responses on the application are earnest. If you provide inaccurate information, your visa may be denied.

· Invitation letter.

· Schengen visa travel insurance. Documentation of authorized health insurance coverage. If you become sick in Luxembourg, your insurance must pay at least €30,000 of your medical bills.

· Proof of lodging in Luxembourg. The proof of accommodation is evidence that you have a place to reside in Luxembourg.

· Visa charge receipt. When submitting documents, complete the visa fee payment at the Luxembourg embassy or consulate. Include the payment receipt along with any other requested documents.

· Cover letter. The cover letter is formatted in a manner that is similar to an introduction letter that would be sent to an embassy. Because of this cover letter, the embassy will have more information about you, including the reason for your travel, how long you want to stay, the places you plan to visit, and other relevant details.

Luxembourg Tourist Visa from India Processing Time

The time it takes to get a Luxembourg visa is 15 days. The time for processing starts when you bring the papers to the Luxembourg embassy or consulate. But you could extend it by 15 to 60 days.

Contact the Continental immigration support staff if you have any issues regarding the visa application procedure or need assistance in being led in the proper direction.

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