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What is a Liechtenstein Tourist Visa?

Liechtenstein visa (also known as a Schengen visa) is a particular type of visa that permits you to travel freely between all Schengen nations, including Liechtenstein, for a maximum term of 90 days a time. Therefore, you may travel to all of the Schengen nations on a single visa, which is a traveler's dream come true for many.

Document List for Liechtenstein Tourist Visa from India:

  • You'll need your original passport and any other passports you have had before if you are getting a visa. You will also need to bring your visa. Fill out and sign the form.
  • Attach two recent photographs: one in color with a white background and a matte finish, and one in black and white (Photo Specification)
  • Personal Covering Letter: Describe the reason for your trip to the country.
  • Stamped & updated for the last 6 months with the bank seal on the original bank statement.
  • Last three years' Form 16 (Income Tax Returns)
  • Documentation proving that you have purchased and returned from a round-trip flight from your native country
  • A hotel reservation is proof that you have a place to stay while you're there for the time being.
  • Itinerary for travel: a day-by-day schedule describing all aspects of the journey
  • Your journey should be protected by comprehensive travel insurance that provides coverage up to EUR 30000. Please remember that the govt has very rigorous photo criteria, so please ensure that your photographs meet those requirements before submitting them.
How long can I remain in Liechtenstein on my Schengen visa?

The Liechtenstein Visa (Schengen visa) is a short-term visa that is applied for in the form of a sticker that is adhered to the front of your passport. A "short stay" is often described as "90 days or fewer in any 180 days." This means that you can only stay for 90 days within six months.

Simple steps to get a Liechtenstein tourist visa for Indians:

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