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Foreigners are familiar with Latvian universities due to their Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD degree programs in English and the global recognition of their degrees. However, studying in Latvia requires obtaining a student visa before beginning your new academic voyage.

Latvia Student Visa Requirements

· The Long-stay visa application form for Latvia.

· Two personal photographs. The photos must adhere to passport specifications.

· Your travel document/Passport.

· Acceptance letter from a university in Latvia. Additionally, the letter should include the duration of your studies.

· Reserving a plane ticket. You can purchase a ticket with a cancellation policy, allowing you to avoid losing money if your visa is denied.

· Travel insurance in effect. You must purchase Schengen-compatible student travel insurance. Additionally, Schengen has regulations regarding visa insurance. It is recommended that you purchase more extensive long-term health insurance for pupils for protracted periods of time.

· You are required to provide proof that the visa fee has been paid. After the fee is paid, the embassy or visa office will usually give a paper as proof that the fee was paid.

Latvia Student Visa Processing Time

The standard processing time for a student visa in Latvia is eight weeks. However, the processing time may be extended due to factors such as the number of petitioners or the absence of an application component. In addition, the embassy will inform you if they require additional documentation, which may lengthen your processing time.

How Can I Remain in Latvia After Graduation?

Students who have completed their studies or research in Latvia are eligible to apply for a temporary residence visa. Include a copy of your degree completion certificate or diploma from the research institution with your application to prove that you completed the required coursework. This temporary residency visa is usually valid for a year, and you must find a job during that period to remain in Latvia.

Student Health Insurance in Latvia

Obtaining full coverage student travel insurance is a must when applying for a student visa in Latvia. However, after residing in Latvia, you must have adequate health insurance; travel and health insurance are distinct policies.

Your travel insurance policy only covers you in the event of an emergency, so you need international health insurance for broader coverage.


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