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USCIS is responsible for issuing L-1 visas. These visas allow international firms to temporarily transfer administrators, managers, and persons with specific expertise to their offices or affiliates located inside the United States. The petition is submitted to USCIS by the foreign corporation, not the individual who is applying for the visa.

Documents Required for us l1 visa appointment India

· Valid passports

· Recent passport-sized image

· Acceptable Form DS-160

· Original and photocopies of the appointment letter for the consular interview

· Receipt for I-129 petition fee payment

· Visa processing fee demand draft

· Resume or Curriculum vitae

· The position description for the applicant's position at the foreign company.

· A detailed employment description of the applicant's position in the United States.

· General information for US and foreign companies, including photographs of their locations.

· Evidence of past employment from previous employers

· Completion of a recognized training program or degree

· Financial transactions from the prior six months

L-1 Visa Duration

Since it is a nonimmigrant visa, the L-1A visa can only be used for up to seven years, while the L-1B visa can only be used for up to five years. In both instances, the USCIS typically issues visas for an initial three-year period followed by two-year extensions until the maximum length of stay permitted is reached. So, someone with an L-1A visa can ask for a visa extension twice for a total of seven years, while someone with an L-1B visa can only do so once for a total of five years.

For organizations that want to open a new office in the United States and ask for an L-1 visa, the USCIS usually gives the visa for a year at first and then extends it for two years if the organization meets the requirements.

Processing Time for an L-1 Visa

This mostly depends on the applicant's country of citizenship and the USCIS processing center where the L-1 petition was submitted. After submitting the I-129 form, the processing time is about six months. If RFEs are involved, the consular processing period might take up to six months or perhaps go on for much longer.

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